Yet cease your ire, you angry stars of heaven!
Wind, rain, and thunder, remember earthly man
Is but a substance that must yield to you;
And I (as fits my nature) do obey you.

    Pericles in Shakespeare’s Pericles (II.i.1-4)

The Sun enters the tropical zodiac sign of Libra September 22, 7:55 PM (approximate). Happy Libra.

Horoscopes for 9.20.2018



The Scales

One of the problems with my upbringing, my age, I’m one of those who is bereft of a generation. Not quite a member of their demographic, I refuse to be manipulated by some marketing forces. Makes for an interesting life, that’s for sure. As far as family roots themselves? I have pioneer blood as well as scholar’s ink for blood, running in my veins. That being noted, it is hard to define what defines me. I enjoy some sports, and I can participate in some sporting events — fishing comes to mind — or I can entertain a lively discussion about Shakespeare’s lost plays. So the question, for my — happy birthday baby — Libra friends, the question is, what is used to define who you are? I have one — not a Libra — buddy who gave me a stack of books. Unopened, unread, unused, and unloved, those books. When I asked why he had them in the first place, his reply made perfect sense, “I wanted to look smarter.” I think he was also trying to impress a certain woman, but I’m not totally sure about that. Still, I have an abhorrent repellent to books that just look good on a shelf. However, given where the planets are? Is this the right time to just throw those books away? First off, a local public library is the best donation, and second, are you sure that one, over there, in the corner, didn’t you want to glance through it before you tossed it?

“Wow, this is a good book, I need to keep this one.”


Things that do not happen outside Texas? You don’t hear about game wardens with tickets for certain transgressions, like “A Downed Fence is Still a Fence.” Looking through some fishing reports, I happened across an account where some guy had stumbled onto private property, because, in their words as reported by the officers, “Fence was down, so we thought it was OK.” Back to the original comment, “A downed fence is still a fence.” As this applies to Scorpio, pause and consider the admonition, “A downed fence is still a fence.” As this applies to Scorpio?
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    Then charge again: if heaven be not opposed,
    We cannot lose the day.
    Charles in Shakespeare’s Edward III 4.7.85-

Horoscopes for 9.13.2018



The Virgin

Some days are big things. Birthdays are milestones to some. “More like a stone tied around my neck,” to others. This week, though, as we course our way through Virgo, the message is a little different. It’s not the big things; it is the little things. Mercury and the Sun, both in Virgo, require attention to details. Rather than make this about the big things, this is one of the times when Virgo is best served, doing what you do best, obsessing, you know, in your style, about the details. The little stuff. The details matter, this week, especially this week? Oh how the details matter. “God is in the details,” is the way the expression was taught to me, and this is a week when that rings true, truer than before. So this is a week to look at the little stuff.

I rerouted a cable behind my working desk. No big deal in and of itself. And technically, wires don’t flow information any faster based on the configuration. Straight, crooked, coiled, no, it doesn’t let the data flow any faster, but just taking care of one little details made me feel better. Details. Look out for the details.

“See, if the wire is straight, the electrons transfer data more quickly.”

Really? Going to go with that one, still?


Not yet. So not yet. Patience, little one. My dear Libra friends, this is about waiting until the time is right, and the time isn’t right, not now. Close? Sure. A good idea? Yes. But now? No, not yet. So close. Yes, you can feel it. I can feel it, and I’m not even Libra. But the answer is “No, not yet.” The biggest challenge?
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