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Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 2.26.2015

“—Pooh! Buck Mulligan said. We have grown out of Wilde and paradoxes. It's quite simple. He proves by algebra that Hamlet's grandson is Shakespeare's grandfather and that he himself is the ghost of his own father.”

    Excerpt From: Joyce, James. “Ulysses.”

Last week was Hamlet, this week is a quote about Hamlet from the “Greatest novel of the last hundred years, James Joyce’s Ulysses.”

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 2.26.2015

PiscesPisces: Like the quote from Ulysses, the week starts with a confusing amount of wordplay. Some makes sense, or some makes sense to a particular Pisces, but not to all of us, and therein is the problem. There is confusion, problems, irritation about the confusion, and then, more confusion. Kind of goes around in a circle, not ending any place in particular. Which is a problem. Unless, of course, you’re a true Pisces, and then, the conundrum makes perfect sense to you. Doesn’t to the rest of us, and dealing with us is part of the problem we have in Pisces Land. The problems isn’t Pisces. The problem is dealing with non-Pisces people. They are as confused as you are, but they (we) can’t see that we’ll ever be able to see clearly, ever again. You know, as a Pisces, that in the next couple of days, this personal fog will lift.

No, this week? The problem isn’t Pisces, but it the rest of us.

AriesAries: I have a family member, nameless and blameless, who can take the easiest, simplest task and make it more complicated. From a simple job, getting from here to there on a certain date, the dates change, the method of transportation changes, then changes back, then we switch the dates again, and finally, another wholly tangential element is introduced. As if it was complicated enough?
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Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 2.19.2015

"I've heard of your paintings too, well enough. God hath given yourselves one face, and you make yourselves another."

Hamlet to Ophelia in Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark [III.i.142]

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 2.19.2015

PiscesPisces: There’s an unrequited love theme that runs through Shakespeare’s Hamlet. You know, Hamlet and Ophelia, the courtesan’s daughter. Then, too, Hamlet is a bit of a jerk to her. Guys can be like that, especially young guys. In the historical context, Hamlet was probably only 15 years old. Those crazy Danes, huh?

In Pisces, there’s a very mixed message. In Pisces, Mars and Venus exit, while the Sun gets closer to aligning with your planet, Neptune, which, in turn, leaves everything confused. Mixed messages. Not something a decent Pisces wants on a birthday, but there it is. The theme is mixed messages, and the answer is a definite maybe. As long as you understand that the messages might have two, maybe three or four meanings along several different levels, allegorical, metaphorical, and reality-wise? Grab onto that idea that there might be more than one answer, you’ll be happier. Have a happy birthday, any way, and that’s not a mixed message from me.

AriesAries: Mars can be your friend, and he’s arriving this week Venus, too, can be your friend and she slinks into your sign, as well. The dynamic duo, headed for an alignment with Uranus. Problem?
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Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 2.12.2015

    "This fellow pecks up wit, as pigeon pease,
    And utters it again when God doth please..."

Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost [V.ii.315-6]

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 2.12.2015

aquariusAquarius: We’re entering a less difficult phase, now, and the birthdays, this week, should be well-represented. Many happy salutations and best wishes for the Aquarius new year! Best wishes for a fruitful Solar Return! The planets, and more specifically, the phase of the moon, it’s all about making a thorough clean-sweep to ensure that the last of the Mercury Mercurial Mayhem is addressed, corrected, and swept away.

There’s a perfunctory energy that can be quite effective, loosely, I’ve titled this a “Balsamic Moon Phase,” but the carryover, the hangover, if you will, is the same. This week’s energy is about cleaning up a leftover mercurial problem that really does need a little bit of the birthday attention. You’re an Aquarius? There’s one, this is in no way, shape or form painful, but there is one last detail that’s been bugging you since Mercury went Retrograde. That was four weeks ago. You can fix it, now. Happily, it is goes smoother -- and easier -- than you think.

PiscesPisces: Make a wish! Dream big, make it a real “Blue Sky” kind of fantasy! No limits on what you can dream as a birthday wish, as a hope for your future, as your personal “Blue Sky” fantasy. The secret? No limits.
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Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars

"... These boiled brains of nineteen and two-and-twenty ..."
Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale [III.iii.62-3]

The Shepherd, thinking that the young men are hunting, when in fact, it's another plot device entirely.

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 2.5.2015

aquariusAquarius: On of the weirder “astrology-related” items I’ve been exposed to? A workbook text. While It was supposedly a textbook to learn astrology, there were copious blank pages where the reader, the student, was supposed to fill in the blanks. Kind of a short-cut, as an author, if you ask me. 200 page book with barely 50 pages of material. One of my own books is a little over 50 pages, but then the book when in printed form itself, only runs about 60 pages. No extra padding. No blank pages with a short comment, then a line that says, “How did that make you feel?”

As an Aquarius, birthdays and all, how does that make you feel? Kind of a short-cut, cop-out, if you ask me. Because it’s your birthday time, I’m not going to ask you how you feel, and I’m not going to ask you to fill in the blanks. I would suggest though, you look at a book before buying it. How much is filler, and how much is useful content?

(And then, fill in the blank, “How does that make you feel?”)

PiscesPisces: As a fan of Mark Twain, I use a number of his familiar aphorisms. In that vein, “Nothing speaks louder than a well-timed pause.” However, we’re putting that off for the rest of this Pisces week. The top ten reasons to procrastinate? Number 10: Mars is in Pisces.
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Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars

    "A plague on them, they ne'er come but I look to be wash'd!"

Shakespeare's Pericles [II.i.25-6]

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 1.29.2015

aquariusAquarius: I’ve moved so many times, I kept living in a set of moving boxes as it was just easier. Sort of like living in a suitcase, only different but the same. I was going through an old box marked, “Wires.” It held a couple of old school “Power strips,” including one that wasn’t grounded. There was a keyboard that once figured in my horoscopes, as it was — at the time — a fancy, tactile, wired keyboard. Instead of a new computer I got a new keyboard and that helped me for a few months. Then everything changed again. There were phone line connectors, RJ-cables, and splitters. Wow, I hadn’t seen — or owned — a wired phone — in more than a few year, five? Ten years now? These are relics of an era gone by, important technology at the moment, but not so much, now. I rescued three items out of the big box of wires: an audio patch cable about six inches long, a cable TV splitter jack, and a power strip (grounded) — for the Xmas lights. Big box of dead stuff, all in the trash, now. It was downsizing, but not downsizing. Trash.

The keyboard, half a dozen years ago, held sentimental value. Time to jettison that which does not serve Aquarius.

PiscesPisces: The Texas Gulf Coast is quickly becoming a second home to me. Beach attitude, and in one place, I finally saw a t-shirt, maybe it was a bumper sticker, one of those short lines that made perfect sense to me. Summed it all up in a single expression. “Living my life in flip-flops.”
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