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Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 10.23

    “There is a tide in the affairs of men.
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;”

— Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Act 4, Scene 3

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 10.23.2014

scorpio Scorpio: “Bait and Switch” refers to the deceptive — and now illegal — sales tactic of advertising one item then switching it for a similar, but much higher priced, product at the checkout. There are numerous variations on this theme, but as a tactic, it is effective. As a way to lure in an unsuspecting buyer, it is without parallel. As far as being shady, unscrupulous, and downright bad? Yes, there is that, but results count. Mercury compounded with the current motion of Mars is playing a game with Scorpio, and to me, this looks like a “bait and switch” deal as perpetrated by the planets. Forewarned is prepared, and I aim to save your Scorpio bacon before this is all done. Watch for the cosmic “bait and switch,” then I’ll save your Scorpio butt beaucoups of bucks.

Shoot me a note when this pays off.

Sagittarius HoroscopeSagittarius: The Sagittarius blacklist? Seriously? Yes. We all have one. I’ve only got, like, two email addresses on mine, and in person? Not many people I avoid. There will always be one ex that caused so much pain, I mean, I think everyone has at least on of those on the personal list, but even then, as I get older, I tend to forgive the old injuries. About that Sagittarius blacklist, though?
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Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 10.16

    “Why then the world’s mine oyster,
    Which I with sword will open.”

— Pistol in Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor (Act 2, Scene 2)

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 10.16

LibraLibra: Further, faster, more, better. These are words that echo along the Libra mental pathways, the canyons of the mind, echoing off the distant hills. These are the words that seem to have a certain dose of recrimination in them, a hint of a sneer. Not really birthday stuff, now is it? But it is!

The Mercury Retrograde, this one, right now, the tone is set for the next year, and what the message is, since we’re not all clear? It’s about relationships. Past, present and future, but the emphasis is on “past” relationships. Bad movie, good star, the “ghost of girlfriends passed” is my own haunting, and for Libra, there’s a similar hint. Now, birthdays and all? Let’s agree that there’s a message in the hidden passed. It’s okay to listen to that message. Repeating it, though, over and over? That’s not the idea. This is mere Mercury Retrograde material. Need to look at it. Don’t need to wallow in it — birthday times and all, you know.

Scorpio: I was digging though an old file, a loose collection of papers, looking for some particular document. Piece of paper that proved I was right, I think. Excavating non-digital material is bizarre, as I only keep absolutely necessary scraps of paper. I came across an unused Valentine’s Day card.
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Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 10.9

    “In nature there’s no blemish but the mind;
    None can be call’d deform’d but the unkind.”

— Sir Andrew in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Act 3, Scene 4

Horoscopes, the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 10.9.2014 by Kramer Wetzel

LibraLibra: There’s a distinct, palpable change underfoot. As a Libra, you can’t not feel it as this occurs. Birthdays are good, and this isn’t a big problem, but as Mercury slides backwards into Libra, with Mars marching forward in Sagittarius, there’s a hint, a feeling, and more than one suggestion that things are difficult and only getting more so. It’s not true. “Ok, smart guy, you come over here and do my work!” I have no snappy retort for Libra, but I do want to point out between M & M? Mercury and Mars? There’s friction and energy, and instead of trying to push the door open? Read what the handle says, “Pull.” Makes sense, and works easier.

Scorpio: Big flood, terrible rain. Good rain, but lots of water. I was chatting with a nice guy who makes me coffee some mornings, “Yeah, I live off New Braunfels — every time it rains — I’m not sure if I can get home. They built a street in a dry creek bed. What were they thinking?” The conversation continued, and for those who are not familiar with the idiosyncrasies of San Antonio and rain?
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Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 10.2

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 10.2
“This is the long and short of it.”
Mistress Quickly in Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor [Act 2, scene 2]

Mercury Retrograde, the long and the short of it.

LibraLibra: Shakespeare’s Merry Wives is an odd play. The accepted tale, what I was told again and again, was that the Queen asked for a play about Falstaff, wherein the character gets his comeuppance. I’d like to think I read that in a text. Sounds like something a textbook would have, but right now, I can’t seem to find that text. Turns out, that the story about the play’s source is entirely fictional. There is no corroborating evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that truly supports the statement that, “The play was requested by the Queen.” Like similar tales and myths, stories about stories, there’s a birthday myth you’re currently supporting. Like the story about the play’s origins, though, what your Libra self is supporting might be true. Feels true. Worried about the facts? Birthday time: don’t worry.

Scorpio: Can’t say this caught you by surprise, no, you were informed earlier this would happen As the tricky Trickster begins his slide backwards, and as your Scorpio self begins to feel like this is it, the end is near? Stop and consider some of the symbolism — look at what’s going on around you. I’m not talking about what’s played out against the backdrop of the international stage, not what this is about. This is about what’s happening in Scorpio land.
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Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 9.25

    “More strange than true. I never may believe
    These antic fables, nor these fairy toys.
    Lovers and madmen have such seething brains,
    Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend
    More than cool reason ever comprehends.”

Theseus in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night’s Eve [V.i.2-6]

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 9.25

LibraLibra: A local luminary was scheduled to give a talk. The title was better than the workshop. The workshop’s name, that suggested this was a long and interesting look into thematic elements in astrology, mythology and psychology, with continuing education credits. Not that I need any CEUs, but it was nice to know. Instead, the lecture, for that’s all it was, it was two-hour “dog and pony show” for that one guy’s books. His life’s work, just a pitch. I paid to go to a sales session. It’s not a total loss, as I learned how to put together just such a pitch, now. I got nothing out of the content, but I derived a great deal from the way the material was packaged. That’s part of the message. Part of this week’s “birthday” lesson for Libra, too. Pay attention, as it might not be the meat of the message that you’re looking for, it could be the bones that the meat hangs upon. Either way, you win.

Scorpio: I looked at Mars, in your Solar Second House (Sagittarius), I looked at other planets, too. But Mr. Mars, in the Scorpio second house? It’s like the house of second guessing, at this moment. There’s another influence, as well, but I’d not mention it. Still, this is about second guessing yourself. The caution, herein?
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