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Why Kramer and astrofish.net?

You've seen me in person. I moved you, enlightened, educated, or annoyed you. But you remember seeing me.

"You were always too busy."

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Too much astrology sounds the same. Biggest problem, read enough online, and there's the issue, last week's Virgo is this week's Capricorn. Boring. Not useful.

I started writing horoscopes because no one did them with a twist that I liked. I look back at older material, and there was a certain youthful "edge," alas, no longer present. However, there's still flow, and while I might not be getting any better, the true joy lies in the doing, and I keep working on improving my craft.

The Sales Pitch

Simply put, the astrofish.net horoscopes are my weekly attempt to make sense of the stars. The planets, really, and how to guide with what works best.

I've studied a variety of schools of astrology, and for the sake of simplicity, I keep the nomenclature and orientation "Western Tropical Zodiac." While it is the most common, my studies include Western, Eastern, Meso-American (Mayan), Celtic, and Native American branches of the art.

Astrology is an art form that combines the science of astronomy with aspects of human behavior.

This is an attempt to make sense of it all.

Cup of Jo

Cup of Jo

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