Advertising on

Advertising on

There’s been a recent spate of advertising inquiries – along the lines of, “What Advertising on is available?”

Advertising on

Link in a horoscope for one week? $100.

Banner ad for a month? $1,000.

Sidebar widget?

    Above the fold, $1000 a month
    Below the fold, or footer $1000 a month

Want to have a conversation about advertising on my sites?

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These are the current rates, as governed by the fineprint, subject to change.

Advertising on

If you have an idea, or would like to create content for my sites? Obviously, you are not paying attention.

Affiliates on and subsidary sites, like, basically, personally approved? – still a preferred vendor for domain names.

Mercury Retrograde Mix Tape

Mercury Retrograde Mix Tape

Kramer Wetzel

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