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Via Pink Cake

Horse Race and Missionaries

Horse Race and Missionaries

“A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and Missionaries.”

-Will Rogers

Via Pink Cake

Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel

Pink Cake

Pink Cake

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More on Wagner and Opera Thu, 21 Jun 2018 19:40:00 +0000

More on Wagner and Opera

Hope the rest of the family is having fun.

More on Wagner and Opera

Benson on the Valkyries — here (via

The Wagnerian Romances — here (via

Newman on the Wagner Operas.

Wagner Operas – Ernest Newman

The Wagner Operas

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Server Service Thu, 21 Jun 2018 10:20:00 +0000

Server Service

With an image that explains it all, here, Server Service I currently use?

Cute marketing trick, I got a quick “survey” about their service as a server, website host, what liked about it, and would I recommend it. I just gave a high rating, and ticked the box, yes I would recommend it.


A day or two later, an e-mail filters through, “Hi, I’m (some name), and we’re glad you like us! What, specifically do you like best?”

Think the uptime explains it, but in addition, I have links in place that clearly indicate what — and why — this is a good service.


$1 deal

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The President is Missing Wed, 20 Jun 2018 19:40:00 +0000

The President is Missing

The President Is Missing – James Patterson & Bill Clinton

How much is James Patterson? Pacing, wording, cadence, the beat that drives the narrative forward?

The President is Missing

The biggest obstacle in reading a book like this is trying to cipher out which author wrote what parts. There is a decidedly pointed agenda about “working across the aisle,” and the political tones, they all seem to lean in towards one party. Former President Clinton’s was a lawyer, or had lawyer training, and that’s readily apparent.

Part of the action is action, and I would be pretty sure in assuming that it was written by Patterson, although, to be quite honest, I’ve read very little of his material. Admire his body of work, just haven’t read much of his stuff.

As alluded to in a previous link, the cartoon I remember was James Patterson sitting on a park bench in New York, reading James Joyce’s Ulyssess while everyone else was reading Patterson’s books.

The President is Missing

It is a gripping, taut read, a little slow to get into, but after a hundred pages, it got to where I couldn’t put it down. The pacing was superb, and the ending, justified, accurate, and quite plausible.

There’s the inner-workings of the Washington political system, and then, inside parts of the presidential house, all part of what makes it tick.

Rather fun read — I put my phone on silent for the last hundred pages.

Good to the last page. Satisfying, but it does have a happy ending, kind of.

The President is Missing

The President Is Missing – James Patterson & Bill Clinton

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Summer Solstice Wed, 20 Jun 2018 10:20:00 +0000 Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Looks like 5:07 AM, June 21, 2018 local time for me. Sun Enters Cancer, longest day of the year, and so forth.

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Chart shows Venus at 6 Leo, loosely oppose Mars at 9 Aquarius, loosely square Jupiter at 13 Scorpio.

What’s it all mean? Guess I should write something out about that, huh.

Dollar Deals

$1 deal… See the fineprint for rules.

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Expectations Tue, 19 Jun 2018 10:20:00 +0000


Not like I have great Expectations, but I was looking for some off-beat, catchy, informed, Shakespeare blogs. Hoping to find those renegade scholars. One place listed a variety of sources I had not seen, so I clicked through, and the site started the immediate process of signing me up.

The next morning, having already dropped a couple of new sites into my feeder reader, I looked at the inbound e-mail, and I had several from the new service, merely an automated aggregator of feeds, which I already have.

Click-click, unsubscribe then one more click and deleted the account, not without that last, “Wait, we hate to see you go, and can you tell us why you’re leaving?”

  • Because you’re annoying?
  • Because you add no value to the process?
  • Because the up-sell started immediately?
  • Because you “gamed the SEO” to present a false answer?

Pick any combination. Pick all of the above.

$1 deal

Sign up for my site, and you’ll get access to the most current horoscopes, access to all digital texts, commentary and sometimes super-quick replies.

What I offer isn’t that unique, or, for that matter, different. But the price of admission? $1. Up front about that.


When I was plodding around on the web late at night, looking for more Shakespeare scholarship material, the slick way I got sucked into that sales funnel irritated me.

There are a number of good blogs and so forth, plus one podcast that I like, all assuage my Shakespeare itch. What I wanted was more material, and it was my choice to click through. Too bad I didn’t read all the fineprint.

See, this is material, once I find it, this is material that — bloggy-style — publishes on some kind of schedule about a topic that is near and dear to my intellectual bits. Means I can pick it up in a “feed reader,” one that I paid for. Means I can choose when, where, if, I read the feeds.

$1 deal

From careful (not really, more like cursory) examination of the logs from my own site, I know that a number of my customers do the exact same thing.


When I was looking for more, interesting, Shakespeare “stuff,” what I was really trying to find was a few more blogs.

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Turbulence Mon, 18 Jun 2018 10:20:00 +0000


Turbulence – Stuart Woods

Not like this would be my first rodeo, as I’ve long suggested, now, Stuart Woods’ books are — for me — simply mind candy. Maybe with fewer bad side effects, no rotting teeth, no sugar spikes, but there’s a kind of quality, and when I see the book is there on the aisle of the discount store, first thing in the cart.

Note so very long ago, I hit upon what this was like, at least in my own way of seeing it, Hardy Boys for adults.

All I remember about the Hardy Boys and, for that matter, Nancy Drew, were the color, size and shape of the novels themselves. They felt substantial in a fifth grade hand, I’m guessing. Durable, too, as I never saw them in paperback; although, I’m sure, by now, that’s changed, but those were library copies, then. Hardy Boys covers were blue, and Nancy Drew covers were yellow. Each series took nearly a whole shelf in the school’s library.

When I look at my personal collection of Stuart Woods’s books, I see the same publisher, I think, probably Penguin/Time-Warner/AOL/Microsoft/Facebook/Random media conglomerate. But the covers come right off and the hardback gets passed around amongst about three or four of us, and then it winds up back on my shelf with a pristine cover. Devoured the insides, but the cover looks good.

From some spurious online documentation, the author suggested his publisher asked for 4 books in a year, up from his usual 3, and that put him in a bit of a crunch, as now, he uses collaborators on some of the books.

Still, I admire the actual binding, printing, styling of the books themselves, good products, and then, the prose, typically taut, suspenseful, paced, and just the right amount of detail, although, even if I was that rich, I doubt I would drink that expensive stuff. Then, too, there’s the character’s endless parade of women.

It is fiction.

I’ve stayed in the same neighborhoods in London, same hoods, even same hotels in Santa Fe. I know next to nothing about LA or New York with precious little experience, an afternoon, and two days, for each. Thus noted, his descriptions seem good enough to fill in details, the right amount of details, to bring it to life, for me, as a reader.

There’s trouble ahead in this one, I would expect, can Stone save the free world? With the original, elegant James Bond touch, even? Yeah, over the years, following character from broke but honest cop to flying private jets all over? Yeah, the original Bond. Even the same caliber. Same locations, and with a woman boss, just could see the real Dame Judi Dench as that character.

Easy enough to cast in my minds eye.

There’s a little part of this ongoing series that strives to replicate dime detective series. In truth, I think they are about the same length, but this is rather polished prose. Perhaps that’s part of the appeal, too, I don’t pretend that this is any kind of high-brow art, but it is — in my mind.

Good book, suspense until the end.

“Good to the last drop.”


Turbulence – Stuart Woods

Turbulence (A Stone Barrington Novel)

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Local Municipality Sun, 17 Jun 2018 10:20:00 +0000

Local Municipality

Bexar County under nine different governments.

Local Municipality

Historical marker, nine governments, just south of the old red courthouse.

The place is awash, steeped in tradition and the confluence of cultures, Previously, I would address this as a “clash of cultures,” but that’s not what happens. There’s a very forgiving, more open-minded understanding that coexistence is way more important than being right.

That I have reverence and respect, and that I understand I am a mere tourist passing through? Sure.

But with reverence. Kind of an awe, too.

The joy to life, the way the river of life mixes its waters here, and no one minds? Proud of heritage but not typically over-bearing?

I’m working locally this Sunday.

Details, as usual?

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I Love America Sat, 16 Jun 2018 10:20:00 +0000

I Love America

Want know why I Love America so much? Where else, who else would think of these things?

$1 deal

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Bob Honey Just Do Stuff Sat, 16 Jun 2018 03:00:00 +0000

Bob Honey Just Do Stuff

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff – Sean Penn

Seem to recall an interview with the writer, and he was, at once, an actor, an activist, and an author. Not sure how that works out. Love him or hate him, and, there is always the ear worm leftover from of those 80’s kids, the cry?

Bob Honey Just Do Stuff

From the book, early on in our tale?

Bob knew the media had limited success in telling the country how to think, but was exemplary at telling it what to think about, to discuss, and to value. Page 17.

There is that.

Sidebar item, inspired by current events? When motivated to protest? There’s a correct way and then, less effective methods. Riots, violence, yeah, never ends well, and ultimately sends the wrong message. Writing a satirical novel? If I could only tie this one to Kurt Vonnegut.

Age. Age of an actor, an author.

“It seems many of the towns are built either on the back of vo-techs or on the job security offered by various states’ corrections departments. These are just one observer’s thoughts from within a white Pontiac drifting through the American nightscape.” Page 92.

Too cute by half. The antithesis of the American dream, to drive from California to Miami, FLA?

Something about doing acid in New Orleans? Is there a movie tie-in, motion picture classics metaphor?

Strange little tome. Lyrical at times, and densely prosaic, in the same breath.

Bob Honey Just Do Stuff

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