Live Number Two Dinner

Live Number Two Dinner

Last summer, I’d seen a passing reference to REK (Robert Earl Keen, Jr.) doing a show at Floores Country Store — brought back memories because that is a singular event that was a serious bucket list for me.

That album — over the years — crawled its way to the top of life-long, best-of, desert-island CDs. Or albums. Or collections of music that I can listen to over and over.

Perhaps this speaks to a narrow generation. Perhaps it speaks to a time and place, but the nature of much good music is transcendent, as it is stuck in neither time or place.

No. 2 Live Dinner – Robert Earl Keen

Live Dinner Reunion – Robert Earl Keen

The No. 2 Live Dinner “album” — I’ve only held it in my hands as a CD — is a recording that seems to go well beyond its humble roots, and captures the essence of what a hot summer night in a backyard, or a warm fall evening under the stars, or some combination of lazy nights with live bands that was a special mix of rock, folk, and country that makes up our local musical heritage.

Now, I’ve seen him there a few times. Maybe not so much recently, last time I saw REK, it was the “new” show with Lyle Lovett, the two singer/songwriters on stage swapping stories and songs, thoroughly engaging as two Texas minstrels exchanged anecdotes about life.

Previously and here.

More REK here.

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As noted before, there is an embarrassing richness in local talent, a surfeit of singer/songwriters, raconteurs with guitars, mostly.

Seeing REK at Floores Country Store, or seeing him paired with Lyle Lovett, just the two on stage, that’s no longer such a big deal. Worth it to see them, for sure, and as an album goes, interesting to see how it fairs.

Live Number Two Dinner

As specified in a Spanish Land Grant, although, for the life of me, I can’t lay my hands on a copy of this at the moment, but as duly specified, a Number Two Dinner in any — every — TexMex place should be a taco, two cheese enchiladas covered with chili con carne, a tamale, a bean and cheese tostada, guacamole salad, served with ice tea. The standard question, “Flour or Corn?” The obvious allusion? Tortillas.

It is what a Number Two Dinner should always be.

Hashtag, “Just saying’.”

No. 2 Live Dinner – Robert Earl Keen

Live Dinner Reunion – Robert Earl Keen

Live Dinner Reunion No 2 Live Dinner

The Desert Island CD set, the way I heard the question framed, “You'll be stuck on a desert island and you only get 10 CDs. Which ten would you take?”

Two albums at the top of the list?

No. 2 Live Dinner – Robert Earl Keen

No 2 Live Dinner

Step Inside This House – Lyle Lovett

Step Inside This House

About the author: Born and raised in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel, settled in a South Austin trailer park before trailer parks were cool. He now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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