Never Give Up

Never Give Up

The caricature, cartoon, seen so many times, either as a greeting card — or whatever “internet memes” were before they were digitally reproduced and forwarded ad nauseam — the image itself?

It was either a frog or a snake, in the beak of a predator bird, and in some way, struggling to get free.

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Along the shoreline of the San Antonio River, the partially ignored section, I caught an image of a short heron, with a tiny garter snake in the birds mouth, with the snake wrapped around the bird’s beak.

Never Give Up

Can’t even make this stuff up. Too bad it was a time when the only available camera was that — looks like — first iPhone.

I reference this image — as a lot of art resembles life — or something akin to that.

Never Give Up


Kramer Wetzel

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