On Writing

On Writing

Topic came up the other evening. I can’t resist not making snarky comments.

It’s “National Write a Novel” month. There’s a brotherly sibling, “National Post a Blog Entry Every Day” month. Or something like that.

Like this is a challenge?

On Writing Every Day

As an addendum, this is more just like On Writng every day, I have a photo-blog. An homage to San Antonio. New digital image, from within the confines of San Antonio, BexarCountyLine.com every day. It’s been running, non-stop, since spring 2007.


My weekly column started in the summer of 1995, and it’s been delivered, without fail, ever since. Each week.

Various blog motors I’ve toyed with have been running with a daily post, ever since 1998. Most of those archives are in the old, more or less dead astrofish.net/xenon files, but there is stil older material buried elsewhere on the site.

I write every day. I don’t see, I can’t understand, I don’t get it, why people need a prompt. I go crazy if I don’t write every day.



Kramer Wetzel

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