Chart Reports

Chart Reports, delivered via e-mail

Each chart is crafted by hand, with the computer and software doing the heavy lifting and hard math. I'd like to think the chart reports go out within a few hours of payment, if not sooner, but let's be real, it can take up to 24 hours for turn-around, and on an item that is worked up by hand? That's pretty quick!

Each chart report is $9. Pick your flavor or combinations, and include the birth data with the order. E-mail me separately with any concerns.

Howdy! Each order is processed by hand. Can take up to 24 hours, depending on the inter-web, but I'd like to think I'll get it right out to you. Doesn't hurt to follow with an email with the birthday(s) so I can get started right away.

The Natal Chart

    Natal Chart Report. It's what you're born with. Best place to start, this is the collection and aggregate material that we brought into this lifetime. Good stuff, bad stuff, challenges and gifts. All here. As I am so fond of reiterating, "These are the cards you dealt yourself for the poker game of life, how you play them is up to you." I'd add, this is how you know what's in your hand. This report reads like no other because I've written and re-written the material a few times, trying to get to the essence, and it is in my style. I think there are still a few unsquashed typos. Proof it's original material. It's like a reading with me, only portable and computer-delivered. $9.

Transit Chart Reports

    Transit Chart Report. This was my first introduction accurate, predictive astrology. To this day, it remains my favorite. These texts, I've massaged and rewritten over the years to portray my own interpretations and odd word choices. Interesting, entertaining and eerily accurate at times. I draw on my own background for observations and illustrations. Some of the material is supposed to look like a conversation between you and I. The reports are sold in three-month sections, due, in part to the size of the files. A whole year is also available, but keep in mind it's a huge text file to digest. Best taken in small chunks. 3 Months, $9; 1-year, $36.

Solar Return

    Solar Return Chart Report. The Solar Return calculates, based on location, what the trends and directions for next year will be. The technical details? The chart is calculated on when the Sun returns to the exact degree (and minute) of the Natal Sun's location, adjusted for precession. The splay of planets then gives a pattern for the year. N.B.: my experience suggests these are trends and directions and less about actual events, while the timing is also important, I've found the Solar Return kicks in a few weeks before the birthday and lasts up nine months after the birthday. Calling it "good for a year" is acceptable within normal variances. $9.

The Lunar Return

    Lunar Return Chart Report. The Lunar Return is calculated in the same way as the Solar Return (above), only using the Natal Moon as it returns its original location, each monthly cycle, and it's way to look at what's going on a month-to-month basis. $9.

Synastry Chart Reports

    Synastry Chart Report. After a lengthy career doing chart reports, the Synastry Chart Report is the best one. It's my preferred method of comparing and contrasting two astrology charts. Will it work? What strengths does this relationship have? What weak spots should we be aware of? $9.

(Please specify which chart reports when ordering.)