Final Page

Final page The new site — straight up weblog — is on its own URL now: Connect the dots, and update the pointers. After 14 years at, new URL. The original weblog gave birth to three books. The first book is -- (Kindle Version) Title: Two-Meat Tuesday ISBN-13: 978-1411638723 Two-Meat Tuesday - Kramer Wetzel [...]

Reading excepts part I

From an article in the the New Yorker: He begins with books and documents, YouTube videos and illuminated manuscripts. He meditates on the material, digesting its ironies, and appreciating its aesthetics. Meanwhile, he devises an emotional scheme for the piece-the journey on which he intends to lead his listener. February 11 & 18, 2008, page [...]

This Modern World

This Modern World A single image from one of the few remaining megalithic bookstore conglomerates, the end cap for the magazine rack? Clearly labeled "Sports," and clearly full of transient technology periodicals. Looking at a new Dan Brown book, imagine what you will, he does spin a ripping yarn. That one chain has done me [...]

Curate and/or Content

Curate and/or Content One of the items I picked up recently, the stated purposes for various web site drivers: content or curate? Supposedly, it's an "either/or proposition," as in, either a site is known for curation, curating links, perhaps as a portal, usually with commentary. The other purpose is straight up content. Oddly enough, dig [...] (redux)

Seasons don't fear the reaper Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain... we can be like they are Come on baby... don't fear the reaper Baby take my hand... don't fear the reaper We'll be able to fly... don't fear the reaper Baby I'm your man... Songwriter: Donald Roeser (Blue Oyster Cult) Free [...]

Uranus Square Pluto

I've started to address some of the concepts around Uranus, how it's a sideways planet. Doing a reading not long ago, once I got done with planet description, the Aquarius just exclaimed, "Well, that explains everything! No need to go any further?" It's just one planet, there's always a need to go further. Pluto in [...]