Final Page

Final page The new site -- straight up weblog -- is on its own URL now: Connect the dots, and update the pointers. After 14 years at, new URL. The original weblog gave birth to three books. The first book is -- (Kindle Version) Title: Two-Meat Tuesday ISBN-13: 978-1411638723 Two-Meat Tuesday - Kramer Wetzel [...]

Two tales

I uploaded a picture from that garage sale in Austin, a few weeks back. It's just an album cover, the old school. Probably a collectible album, depends on the vinyl and artwork. The cover itself is only slightly marred by a single name inscribed, asserting ownership. However, at a garage sale? Ownership can be changed [...]

Please use side door: The image? The sign really reads something like, "Please use overhead door on the side of the building". One time, a quizzical, possibly worried, receptionist-looking female started towards the door when I snapped a shot, but no, no harm intended. Just a curious image of a curious sign that might be [...]

Kress Building and Texas de Brazil Steaks Had a coupon, expired soon. Had to go. It's a steak place. Vegetarians should be suitably horrified. I'm guessing that Texas de Brazil is a chain, and there's another Argentinian steak place not a hundred meters away, along the Riverwalk. Same deal, different location. The interior decor [...]

Uranus Square Pluto

I've started to address some of the concepts around Uranus, how it's a sideways planet. Doing a reading not long ago, once I got done with planet description, the Aquarius just exclaimed, "Well, that explains everything! No need to go any further?" It's just one planet, there's always a need to go further. Pluto in [...]