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More Fineprint

More Fineprint This unit is not labeled for individual resale. See fineprint for details. #Just sayin

Eclipse, Libra, Aries

Eclipse, Libra, Aries From the Drive-By Truckers Shut Up and Get on the Plane Screaming engines, shooting flames Dirty needles and cheap cocaine Some gal's old man with a gun To me it's all the same… Then earlier in the song, there’s the poetical moment that grabbed me the most: Guess the price of being sober’s being scared out of your mind The order is backwards, but then, that’s how I work some days. I stumbled into the band, “The Drive By Truckers” quite by accident. It’s that Southern Gothic Rock Army, think Allman Brothers, the Outlaws, or any other…

Famous Album Covers

Famous Album Covers with updates, and my own versions, too. Abby Road and Pigs (Battersea). There’s actually a collection on that site, several version of Abbey Road and Battersea, and the interest? Musical allusions. Abbey Road - The Beatles Animals (Remastered) - Pink Floyd

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