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Vincit Qui Primum Gerit

Two Meat Tuesday: The free weekly audio forecast is available here. The video version is part of the subscriber services. Laeti edimus qui nos subigant! Two Meat Tuesday (the book) (cure for the common horoscope) Pink Cake A commonplace book. Bexar County Line Musical note: "Hanging out by the state line turning holy water into wine" (Billy Idol, "Eyes Without a Face" - the State Line is a County Line BBQ in El Paso that straddles the NM/TX border.) Unrelated to anything: But just weirdly cool to me.

Walls & Family

How does that lyric go? it's off that Jimmy Buffett album, the confused album, "Am I rock, pop or country?" "The walls that won't come down, we can decorate or climb," (I don't recall and I don't have access to the music at the moment - Scarlet Begonias is on the same album.) Overheard: (I think this was staged) "Are children ever so much more pleasant as adults, but they're ever so much more bossy." Just my sister, I'm more easy-going. I'm all for decorating those walls we can't climb. Some ways are a so backwards. Sunday morning, I found…

Teal Waterloo

Bovina, TX

Bovina, TX What’s in a name? The back story is here with the visual clue here. etc.: Holistic, Integrative Astrology — the way: Bare Foot Astrology with Kramer Wetzel AMF explained.

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