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Final Page

    Final page

The new site — straight up weblog — is on its own URL now:

astrofish.net/xenon is now SkyFriday.com … .

Connect the dots, and update the pointers.

After 14 years at astrofish.net/xenon, new URL.

The original weblog gave birth to three books. The first book is —

Two-Meat Tuesday

(Kindle Version)
Title: Two-Meat Tuesday
ISBN-13: 978-1411638723
Two-Meat Tuesday - Kramer Wetzel
Two-Meat Tuesday – Kramer Wetzel

What came next was the quote collection —

Pink Cake

pinkcake cover
Kindle Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1434805751
A Commonplace Book (full text PDF & cut quotes PDF)

Kramer Wetzel
Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel
The final piece of this trilogy is —

San Pedro Creek

San Pedro Creek (Amazon Kindle)
ISBN: 1449527507
EAN-13: 9781449527501
San Pedro Creek - Kramer Wetzel
San Pedro Creek – Kramer Wetzel


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We are so VERY open!

It’s what the sign said. Just seemed important to let the buying public know, we are open for business. Happy New Year?

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It’s over.

The image of the number 30, apparently part of a numbers’ cycle, or maybe the end of the print run, but the number 30? Signifies the end.

Not over, not really, just moving to new location.

astrofish.net/xenon — the daily blog of astrofish.net — is moving to its own URL, after a little more than 14 years in one place. Look for it at www.SkyFriday.com — hopefully cleaned up and properly dressed by the first of the new year.

astrofish.net/xenon, in this, current, configuration?

2,373 posts.


Eclipse Patterns in 2013

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

2013 Eclipse Pattern, in short —
Eclipse patterns always remind me of Shakespeare’s passage from King Lear, “These late eclipses portend no good….”

The problem with the problem is that eclipses don’t portend “no good,” rather, it’s like Hamlet says, “Nothing’s good or bad but thinking makes it so…”

What I try to impress with sensitive points in an eclipse pattern, the information I try to convey, is that there is tremendously useful, but highly unstable, energy loose upon the world.

    May 10, 25 Taurus (Solar) and Gemini (Lunar);
    October 18, Libra (Lunar);
    November 3, Scorpio (Solar).

What it means? Eclipses are about opposites. Up is now down, White is the New Black. Black is the New Black. No, white is black. Up is now down and the opposite.

I haven’t fired many shotguns in my lifetime, nor, for that matter, do I aim to fire any more. Friend of a friend had a “street sweeper,” and we played with it one time, outside, blasting away at various targets along the creek’s bank. Sort of fun, possibly illegal, sawed-off, I think it was 20-gauge. Memory isn’t much. Didn’t have much kick, could clear a wide swath of the fall undergrowth.

Double-barreled, as I recall. Two shots, then crack the barrel open to pop the spent shells out, and load two more. In this example, imagine, with those eclipse patterns, imagine cracking the barrel open, shaking out the two spent casings, loading two more, popping it back shut, then firing rapidly, then doing it again, for a total of at least six shots, three sets of two, through the weapon.

Sawed off shotgun, great spread, not a lot of concentration, but if I recall, didn’t want to be in front of that line of fire.

The eclipses, especially the Solar Eclipse, that — potentially — starts something.

However, like the scattergun approach, I’m unsure of what will land. That’s the inherent instability associated with the lunar phase, the eclipse pattern. Possibly, that’s why Shakespeare’s astrological lore suggested that “eclipses portend no good.”

The trick to make the best use of these patterns? Figure out where the individual eclipse point to in a chart, which house, what planets, those are the clues. Then, grab that scattergun, and fire away. Something is bound to wing an idea, give it a firm root, land a big fish. Something. It’s just, out of six shells fired? One hit a target. Wasn’t even what we were aiming at, just got lucky.

Like with an eclipse.

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Cuban Cocktail Number Two

Subtitle: Recollections.

Nothing to do with anything.

I had, for years, a very faint scar on one elbow, as a result of a bicycle, the Old Church, and more than two or three of the those Cuban Cocktails #2. When I got around to looking for a drink recipe, near as I can recall, it was the shot of rum, preferably anejo, either peach brandy or maybe just a half-shot of brandy, and then a short pull of bar mixer (sweet and sour, aka, Margarita mix).(1)

Originally, it was shaken. The various recipes I looked for, there was a large degree of disagreement and obvious discrepancy across the ingredients. The recipes I seem to recall, it was at least two shots of liquor, maybe more, and that came across as deceptively smooth. Maybe there was something oddly fruity about it.

Shaken, strained, over ice. Sugar and alcohol, what could be wrong with that? It’s a holiday thing, no?

    (1) “Sweet and Sour mix” was a bar staple, mostly sugar, water, and citrus, probably ascorbic acid. Used it for Margaritas and Whisky Sours, Texas Teas, all of that. My “secret” recipe was to use two-pint size packets of powder for every quart of water.

Spurious Notes:

Year in Review, 2012 that wasn’t

Publishing and technology, as imagined by a novelist. Old-school meets high-tech?

I’ve been on the forefront of electronic publishing — since I stumbled into the career of writing horoscopes. While I wasn’t the first, I was an early adopter, and I was certainly one of the very first of Austin’s “psychics” (as my ilk is often referred to) to have a voice mail and an e-mail. Back when the term e-mail was hyphenated all the time.

I think my fax died, even before Y2K.

For more than 14 years, astrofish.net/xenon has been my experimental home. In some cases, I’ve run short fiction in it. Odd, that material has a fifty-fifty reception.

I’m still looking for a searchable, linkable archive. Just not sure.

All of 2012? Just the horoscopes. In book form.

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Winter Chill

And that, my friends, is the problem with digital archives online.

Points to another problem I’ve yet to effectively work around the way the overhead lights wash out and add a waxy texture to pictures of vegetables. Usually, it’s my pepper porn.*

    *Really offends my Cousin Pepper, but the two have no direct relation. My ‘Pepper Porn’ is strictly images of peppers, usually related to, maybe containing capiscum &c.

Random Biblical Quote:

“… For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”
Philippians 4:11 (b)

KJV language comes across a little convoluted. Wherever you are? Be happy.

Hot Damn Horoscopes are Here!

“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.”
(Talbot, in: The Maid of Orleans by Friedrich Schiller)


Legibility Test

Which one is easier to read?

Same content, different display.

New Look
and current design

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Jupiter and the Year Ahead

cropped-015_12A.jpgThe salient points for consideration, this is Western, Tropical Zodiac, and the key points to start with?

Jupiter is currently in Gemini. Retrograde in Gemini, as Jupiter is basically on a “one year cycle” from our vantage point, here on Earth. In that year, Jupiter appears to retrograde about a third of the time, more or less, four months.

Jupiter is currently Retrograde in Gemini. Gemini is mutable, air, and highly excitable, but with an original touch of ADD.

    Wait, where we going with this?

At the end of January, 2013, Jupiter starts to unlimber from a long and protracted retrograde period, slamming into most of the mutable stuff in the first third to half of all the signs. Sagittarius? It opposed us. Virgo, Pisces? Squared (tension angle, like, ‘squared off’ against you?)

Depends on which school of astrology one subscribes to, but I prefer a slightly updated look at Jupiter and the next year. The squares aren’t always bad. Then, too, the conjunctions aren’t always good.

    However, timing is everything.

Jupiter goes direct on 30 January, 2013. Way down at the beginning of Gemini, the early June babies feel it the most. Next up will be the middle, then tail-end Gemini, and by extension, the same for Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces.

25 June 2013, Jupiter moves into the tropical sign of Cancer, the Moon Child. Shortly thereafter, the mighty Jupiter will oppose Pluto in Capricorn.

By 6 November 2013, Jupiter gets to a point almost all the way through Cancer, which means, almost everything at any Cardinal degree, not the last five, but just about everything else, will be ridden roughshod by Jupiter. Opposes Capricorn, squares Libra and Aries.

Eventually, Jupiter will turn around again, and since this is yearly cycle, the planet’s trajectory doesn’t appear to change until 6 March 2014.

So in this year, 2013, Jupiter appears to move backwards against a backdrop of the orderly progression of the heavens, twice. First, the beginning, in Gemini, then at the end, in Cancer. Stuck in the middle, is long and extended run, from one of Gemini to the other end of Cancer.

The years starts slow. The stagnant placement of Jupiter makes most activities feel like the effort required is not equal to the results. Too much work for too little gain. Like a light switch, though, this changes the first of February.


That’s when it gets good, especially for me. Big fish. What we hope for.

The long run in the spring, as Jupiter picks up its pace and appears to race through Gemini to get into Cancer, that’s a time when the mutable signs should concentrate on Jupiter endeavors.

    Publishing, publicity, and when in doubt? Punt!

Jupiter is a gas giant. As the planet of good luck and good fortune, it’s matter of doing something, taking some action, even a simple, merely symbolic step, to harness the good nature of Jupiter’s effect.

For the mutable parts in a chart, or those of use who are mutable? Take some kind of a step forward. Don’t usually buy a lottery ticket? Try it. Buy one. If Jupiter’s luck is such that you win, based on my advice? I’m asking for 1%. (I’m not greedy.)

Then, as the summer and it’s full roasting ability arrives, like, think: July 4th?

Time for the cardinal signs, all of them to start engaging in Jupiter’s positive energy. The astrological “juice” is there — make something of it.

For more details, see astrofish.net and astrofish.net/shop for details on chart reports and readings.


Nothing Says Xmas

It’s truly local, but I’ve heard about it, seen it, along the line that’s South of I-10. Arbitrary line, in my mind, but as a demarcation point, it seems to work.

In “old Austin,” the line was I-35. East Side was “rough,” or, in more politically correct times, “of color,” whereas the western side of that line was predominately “pale.” (I lived in East Austin for several years.)

The first couple of times, I didn’t get it. But my Austin family (kin) loves the South Texas tradition of Xmas Tamales.

Principle ingredient?