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Vietnamese Cuisine and Disappointments

Vietnamese Cuisine and Disappointments Happened two places, so far, with a distant Austin echo, listen can you hear Old Austin in the reverb? Monstrously hungry, heading south on I-35, I pulled up to a BBQ place only to be deterred by the crowd. Around the corner, there was a newish Pho palace, sure, after years in Austin's little Pac-Rim "Asia," I got to love real Pho. Elastic memory one: Pho place in old, east Austin, the requisite Asian-appearing staff with a Feng Shui Buddha in the entrance, blaring music from the kitchen? Conjunto y Tejano. I found it oddly amusing…

Big Reds

Can't ever tell, is it the fish, the stories, the pictures, the dinner afterwards, what part of the trip is magical? The weekend didn't look promising. ACL - Austin City Limits - music, mud, mosquitoes, mayhem? I went the first year but after that? I really figure I'm too old for the outdoor music festival circus. Mark hasn't lived in Austin that long, but he's been around long enough to realize my insight for fishing was far better. He showed up driving a new Fiat 500. I think those are just about the cutest cars, and I almost wanted a…


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