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Red Monday

Dried Red Peppers

Dried Red Peppers

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Dried Red Peppers from the grocery store in El Paso.

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  • those are some hot red Photos,
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  • Had to look it up on the interweeb: Chile guajillo in Spanish is a variety of chili pepper of the species Capsicum annuum, which is widely used in the cuisine of Mexico.

    The guajillo chilli’s thin, deep-red flesh has a green tea flavour with berry overtones. Its fruits are large and mild in flavor, with only a small amount of heat (rating 2,500 to 5,000 on the Scoville scale). They are used to make the salsa for tamales; the dried fruits are seeded, soaked, pulverized to a thin paste, then cooked with salt and several other ingredients to produce a thick, red, flavorful sauce.

    Guajillo chillies are great in pastes, butters or rubs to flavour all kinds of meats – especially chicken. Alternatively, they can be added to salsas to create a sweet side dish with a surprisingly hot finish.

  • Red hot peppers!!

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