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Super Full Moon

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Stardust Motel

Full of something. I tend to read lunar phases a little differently. Pick up a daily newspaper, or a daily horoscope website, and the material will be mostly, if not entirely, based on the moon, as the primary influence. The other trick with a daily horoscope is to get enough material in the can so that it repeats itself.

Funny comment sent in pointed out that careful reading of certain daily web scopes showed that Virgo this Monday was Scorpio, next Tuesday week. You would think a tech savvy person could change that. Or employ just that trick.

There is much chatter about the Full Moon, closest it’s been in 18 years. That’s fact. In my world, Full Moon is Pisces/Virgo, late degree, like, almost 29 degrees (out of 30), Sun’s in Pisces, Tropical Zodiac, Moon’s in Virgo.

More important to the equation, though, Uranus, that Aquarius planet that just shifted into Aries? Right there. Sun lines up there, next day, day after, and with that, there’s Jupiter fast tracking into the second decan of Aries, with Saturn, remember the Full Moon? Saturn and the Moon align shortly after that super-full moon.

I tend to use the term, “Super New Moon,” and “Super Full Moon,” to describe the energies associated with eclipse patterns. Which has nothing to do with this weekend — Austin — but there’s a similar kind of energy.

What my horoscopes refer to this week and address this energy, in so many words.

The big, Full Moon, once it is over, before Monday ever arrives? There’s the Moon/Libra/Saturn line-up. Real down, dude.

Or, as I prefer to see it, the run-up to the full moon is fraught with excitement. After that? Bit of a reality check.

In Austin, the tech portion of SXSW outsold the music portion. Tech was a bigger deal. That, and the big players were all big companies. It’s no longer the home of the small independent.

Oh well, we had a good run. Sold out? Wasn’t that the idea?

Like that phase of the moon, the reality at the end of the show, the lights come up and it’s all smoke and mirrors.

There is no better time than NOW!

There is no better time than NOW!

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  • echoes from my youth:

    “What do we want?
    [insert answer here–freedom, jobs, etc.]
    When do we want it?

    Usually led by someone with a bullhorn and long hair.

    Ah, yes, memories of many demonstrations, many marches, many sit-ins. Peace, love, freedom, man. Pass the joint.

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