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Compare and Contrast

More c&c:
Transparent to the user, this site runs on WordPress (these days) because of ease of use, ease of admisntration, and relatively robust motor.

So I read this:
With great interest.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Less than 12 hours after I read that bit about Static Dimension, this popped up on the WordPress feed:
I moved hosts to get away from bandwidth and machinery constraints. Still have limits, but they are clearly defined, and not too hard to control the processes.

WordPress from Media Temple

Compare and Contrast

Reminds me, I was chatting with one of the plethora of Gemini friends, and Mercury is retrograde, I recall the first time that one bumped into “unlimited” limits with a cell phone.

Seems that the ubiquitous “unlimited” plans have some details buried in the fineprint about what is truly “unlimited.”

“2,000 minutes, I used it all up in the first week! What am I supposed to do for the rest of the month!”

The Brooks Review is about static text sites, and the motors used to drive them, and it’s a valid point about the bit-twiddling required to make a WordPress site bullet-proof. Or, water-resistant. Mine is.

I hope.

Let me know if it breaks.

WordPress from Media Temple


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