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The Flasher

Subtitle: phone flasher – not what you were thinking!
Subtext: get your mind out of the gutter, fool.

Discussion the other evening, afternoon, revolved around how to prioritize projects, goal, ambitions, what’s important, what’s not.

“Phone rings, you answer it, right?”

That gives the phone a priority rating of “emergency,” at least to some folks.

Not so much to me.

As an aside, I picked up a message from the old voice mail, “Uh, yeah, this is (mumble) and I want a chart readings, progressions and transits, uh, call me back.”

No phone number.

Can’t call back. – can’t say I’m hard to contact.

In the old trailer, in Austin, I had a land line. Back when dial-up was fashionable and preferred, I had a fast modem, and a dedicated phone line. The other line was set up with three phones attached, or three “handsets,” although, two of the three were headsets, and the ringer was a flasher.

I could honestly say, “I didn’t see the phone ring.”

While I no longer live in a trailer park in south Austin, and I no longer even have a land line, or, for that matter, a flasher for a ringer, years of Austin training make me think along those lines. I answer when I can, as I can. Afternoons are preferred. – horoscopes and more
    Horoscopes, readings and books…

(Nothing about the rapture, huh. Say we did lose 200 Million Xtians, only to have five or six months without their fundamental presence? Huh. Thanks Lord.)

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  • I don’t have a flasher; I have a vibrator. no…not that kind, the cell phone kind. you there with the smirk. stop it.

    I just about jump out of my skin when I have it on vibrate only–which is when I’m with friends or in church or just somewhere that would be rude to have a loud ring tone. Vibrate is the way I go. Now if I could just stop thinking that I’m having a stroke or some kind of nervous twitch when it goes off….

    Gave up on landline about a year ago.

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