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New Braunfels Chili

Another Chili image
Can’t resist some times, and I don’t always grasp the concept of pop art, in as much as some of my skills probably lie in that area. Lay there?

Where’s the grammar guide when I need it?

This is the Red Monday category entry, side street — like most little towns in Texas — everything is a side street — Comal County, New Braunfels, TX.

The town was, at one point, just intended as way-station and jumping off point.

Strange, or not, to find heavy German influxes around industrial water sources, a little more than a hundred years ago.

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  • I believe lie is correct. You use lay if you lay something down.
    Nice sign. The eagle has an unusual-looking head.

  • Even with degrees and all, I’m still learning grammar.

    The eagle’s head is probably German, before the last century, but it could also have a “Mexican Imperial” sense, too. I’m unsure of the antecedents.

    The scroll just contains the name, “Gebhardt’s.”

    Probably original.

  • Great capture.

    My RUBY link.

  • Actually it is over 165 years ago that German emigrants founded New Braunfels. New Braunfels was platted and planned, from inception, to be a center of trade and continues to be so today.

    The logo you reference was trademarked long ago and the original settler of New Braunfels – Willie Gebhardt, developed the recipie for chili powder while working a the saloon.

    Forgive the German gentleman for having learned English as a second language and celebrate the chili.

  • New Braunfels has much to offer!

    I was just fascinated with the artwork like that.

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