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Bad news:
Plaza Cafe burned down, burnt out, something.

Bad news:
Most of the forest west of Los Alamos is burning.

Good news:
Flight out, I picked up a book I’d been meaning to read. Rushed right out and bought the hardback when it was first released, Tim Dorsey’s latest, Electric Barracuda.

Sat next to a Leo from Florida, now living in Albuquerque. Leo: the Royal Sign. Best fire sign, ever. He was toting a Kindle. I asked, he swears by it, now. We talked authors, too. He napped.

Tim Dorsey (Aquarius), don’t know how, but his writing is again as fresh and crisp as ever. Lovely stuff. Snaps, sparkles, and the main protagonist is up to his usual antics. The plot moves quickly. It’s taut. There is no wasted words and layers of sardonic parody sprinkled with topical social commentary, and wee bit of ultra violence.

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  • I disagree that Leo is the best Fire Sign ever. Leo is easily seduced by flattery and admiration, because he/she needs it so much and cannot abide not being the center of attention (though not necessarily center stage–happy to upstage anybody who is center stage). I think Sagittarius is the best fire sign; Sag is easily seduced by clever wit, philosophical discussion, intellectual challenge. Much less likely to roar in outrage or be seduced by sweet talk.

  • P.S. I swear by my Kindle, too. I have nearly 300 books loaded onto it, and have read close to half of them. Pretty good test run, I’d say. Two years old and still working fine.

  • Oh no, the Leo’s are way better than us.

    Trust me, I’m a Dr.

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