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Five Dollar myth

The way the family lore goes, Stanley Marcus was socially a friend of my parents. I can’t vouch for that, having only met the man once or twice. I did a reading for either him, or his wife, I’m not sure, she was, like a librarian. Or something. Myth.

As soon as I type, “family lore,” remember that there will always be an exaggerated sense of the absurd. It’s my family. Southern, Western roots.

The lore, as it has reached me, trying to distance myself from calling this all ‘fact,’ the retail giant’s secret ingredient?

Stanley Marcus, the namesake for “Neiman-Marcus?” Yes, that giant. High-end.

Every Xmas, I recall my father dragging me downtown to the old Nieman-Marcus store to get something for my mother for Xmas.

Just about every year, a dark and cold November afternoon.

The trick, and it has to do with my current business, the trick is to have a single, five-dollar option.

The story I heard, time and again, was that Stanley wanted to make sure everyone could afford to have a package under the Xmas tree (he was jewish, if I understand correctly), but his marketing genius shows through here.

Everyone could afford at least one item from Neiman-Marcus. The big, expensive department store, noted for luxury goods. He wanted to make sure there was always one item that was affordable for everyone.

I need to figure out a single item like that to sell. Not limited to Xmas.

Something less than five bucks?

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