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Could be considered an old joke, and the way I deliver it, in person, I pretty much think of it as a joke.

“I prefer to read astrology charts, based in the Western Way, the Tropical Zodiac. I’ve studied several branches of mythology and schools of astrology, and I’m most facile with ‘Western.’ One of my working ‘brothers,’ he calls us all ‘archetypal symbologists.’ As good a title as any. I can read cards, Tarot cards, constellations, symbols in tea leafs and coffee grounds, so the request to do a chart by hand? Not impossible. I’d read chicken entrails, if you wanted. Snap its neck, gut it, read the symbols.”

Usual rates apply.

However, for the client, I did do a chart by hand. No computer was the request. I watched, in awe, many years ago when another astrologer did the same thing, drawing charts by hand in 20 minutes or less.

A few weeks back, I got in a professional discussion with Grace because she did a chart by hand, and the moon sign was off. Wasn’t a bad mistake, just evidence why I prefer a computer. Numbers tend to be more accurate.

We ran through her calculations, and I could see the error, wasn’t her fault, but El Paso, Mountain Time, whereas the rest of Texas is Central. Easy enough mistake, and fairly common.

In some calculations, it’s really not important. In others, an hour’s difference can mean a different Moon Sign.

There’s an old piece of Matrix astrology software floating around, and it calculates noon for charts whereas, typically, most babies are born closer to sun-up. Even computers make mistakes.

“I said I didn’t know what time I was born, so they said the computer said noon.”

The extant software set it for that.

To this day, I still maintain that there is no substitute for a live human with some years of experience, running the controls. Then, too, I proved that I can do an approximation by hand. Old skills, honed with new tools, but the old ways? I figure I still got my (insert witty metaphor here).

    Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
    Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
    Pink Cake A commonplace book.

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  • Still got your mojo, chum. I’ve long suspected that you astrology/tarot/etc. types use the charts and cards and whathaveyou to trigger your intuition and inner eye. It’s not the charts alone; it’s what you see in them. Just like it’s not what our signs and aspects are; it’s what our lives make of them.

  • “The fault is not in stars but in ourselves, as we are underlings…”

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