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The new site — straight up weblog — is on its own URL now: is now … .

Connect the dots, and update the pointers.

After 14 years at, new URL.

The original weblog gave birth to three books. The first book is —

Two-Meat Tuesday


(Kindle Version)

Title: Two-Meat Tuesday

ISBN-13: 978-1411638723

Two-Meat Tuesday - Kramer Wetzel

Two-Meat Tuesday – Kramer Wetzel

What came next was the quote collection —

Pink Cake

pinkcake cover

Kindle Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1434805751
A Commonplace Book (full text PDF & cut quotes PDF)

The final piece of this trilogy is —

San Pedro Creek


San Pedro Creek (Amazon Kindle)
ISBN: 1449527507
EAN-13: 9781449527501

Sky Friday

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  • It’s been a long productive run. Looking forward to enjoying Sky Friday, just as much, even more. May the Force shower you with everything your heart desires.