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Hooters and the Lutherans

Hooters and the Lutherans
Downtown San Antonio is a mecca for conventions, and rightfully so, there is much to see, and most important, an abundance of meeting spaces. I made the fatal mistake of thinking I could wander by a coffee shop and graze for free food in the mall, during the invasion of the “Blue backpacks.”

I know it was associated with Concordia University. Said so on the back of the mostly blue backpacks. Everyone had one. I wanted one, just so I’d fit in, but alas, I’m still the outsider.

More ways than one.

I missed the shot, the image, twice. The first time was fluke, but the second time, I felt like a creepy old guy as I fumbled with my phone, thinking, I should really snap a picture. Near as I can tell, what age would that be, “Senior,” going into that final year of high school? 16? 18? I don’t know, not for sure. Kids, the girls primping and the boys preening like little roosters, all of them. Me? I was checking out the chaperones, usually.

Some earnest conversation with bible verses laced into the conversation, but mostly? Just youth. Young Lutheran (something-something) group. Right on.

Distant auntie here in town, she passed some years ago, she was a fundamental Lutheran. I’ve covered that before, in other spaces, but this time, her words echoed back from beyond the grave.

“A woman is to a man as the Church is to Christ….”

I could have that wrong, I’d be the first to admit my misunderstanding, but I kind of have a problem with that bit. To me, it’s funny. Hilarious. Seriously, a woman should always defer to a man? Let me get this straight, external plumbing means a pipeline to the almighty? How is that not funny?

Hooters and the Lutherans

So the question, and I’m sorry, no images to accompany the story, but once, many years ago, I was associated with Hooters. I did a number of radio “remotes” there. Free publicity, but not exactly my people. Still, the DJ liked me.

I doubt I’ve set foot in one of those places since then. Not adverse to scantily clad young females cavorting about, I just never found the food to be very good. Kind of greasy, to me. Bit overpriced.

So it was with great amusement that I watched, the first day, as a horde of young Lutherans gathered outside the Hooters. Even more amusing, the second time around? Two days later? An even larger line, impatiently waiting to get into the “restaurant.”

I’ve no idea. I’m sure, as far crowds go, these were exceptionally well-behaved, as each distinct unit functioned as an autonomous group, and all were generally ebullient yet subdued.

I don’t know which Synod it was, so I have to wonder, were these young woman being trained to always do what the man says?

Me? I’m a sexist pig. Still, I much prefer women who think for themselves. Makes for a more lively conversation, and let’s face the music: the patriarchy is on its way out. Plainly written on the wall.

Just think, it was the Lutheran kids at Hooters who reminded me of what the dear auntie said.

Bless her heart.

Flip Side:
For state occasions, I’ve always been welcome in Austin’s St. Martins, of course, the last time I was there? Head Pastor (Taurus) was female. She was cool, and she had the juice.

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  • I truly have trouble thinking of you as a sexist pig. Perhaps you’re in need of a self-image tune-up. You do see differences between the way women approach things vs men, but a sexist pig? I think not.

    I worked in a nearly all-male environment (transportation); even our boss, a woman, had trouble with perceiving the two women (us) as being as competent (or more so) than the men. The other woman and I used to joke about the “pipeline” aspect, saying what the “pipe” might enable the men to do….yeah, it was raunchy, but it helped us steer clear of getting angry and, instead, just taking it for what it was worth: Nothing.

  • P.S. That kind of Christianity is truly effed up, and I feel sorry for the young people who are brainwashed into that viewpoint.

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