Final Page

Final page The new site — straight up weblog — is on its own URL now: is now … . Connect the dots, and update the pointers. After 14 years at, new URL. The original weblog gave birth to three books. The first book is — Two-Meat Tuesday (Kindle Version) Title: Two-Meat […] Read More


It’s over. The image of the number 30, apparently part of a numbers’ cycle, or maybe the end of the print run, but the number 30? Signifies the end. Not over, not really, just moving to new location. — the daily blog of — is moving to its own URL, after a little […] Read More

Cuban Cocktail Number Two

Subtitle: Recollections. Nothing to do with anything. I had, for years, a very faint scar on one elbow, as a result of a bicycle, the Old Church, and more than two or three of the those Cuban Cocktails #2. When I got around to looking for a drink recipe, near as I can recall, it […] Read More

Legibility Test

Which one is easier to read? Same content, different display. New Look and current design here. Inquiring minds want to know […] Read More

Adventures with Amazon

Kick-off link – Amazon’s chaotic storage. When I first self-published, the very first book, years went into the text itself. Then I embarked upon the adventure of trying to sell the book. Amazon had a deal at the time, I could get books shipped to them, and Amazon would warehouse the books. Since then, the […] Read More

Design Notes

Subtitle: walk the walk, talk the talk… Web design and implementation Two take-away points, and one that validates my skills, sentiments, anyway. 1. The “dark text/light background” is a must. Over years and years of websites, yes, dark text, light background. Oddly enough, with me making this comment, or agreeing and using this as validation, […] Read More


Mayans Versus Aliens One of two Beat Antique tunes that really deserve notice. Mayans VS Aliens – NYE – 2012 – Part 1 & 2 Here. The other one that needs a little attention? Lucha Libra (Beats Remix) Here. Image Post Place Holder Instagram, Copyright and Sales Models For several years, I’ve run my own […] Read More

The new scopes have landed

Hot Damn Horoscopes are Here! Competition Improves the Breed Competition improves the brand. Building, toying with motors and making machines move more efficiently, I was briefly involved in such an illustrious career choice. Rode and wrenched on scooters, where the last memory is still hanging here. The rallying cry was, “Competition improves the breed,” wherein […] Read More

A Year in Reading Books

REAMDE by Neal Stephenson, a current crowd-pleaser. Pineapple Grenade (I Follow No One!) How to Write a Sentence. The First Rule of Ten. The next one? The Shakespeare Thefts — The Shakespeare Thefts – Eric Rasmussen. Ron Carlson Writes a Story. Myths and Mysteries of New Mexico. Shakespeare and Modern Culture. The Innocent. Red Shirts. […] Read More

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