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Port Aransas – One Trick Pony

Come to the beach, to me, Texas Riviera, and there’s but one destination, summer or winter, Port Aransas, TX. In one of the older, local memes, there was a “You might be from San Antonio if…” and one of the items was, “a tropical vacation is Port A.” There are many hotels. Condos, rentals, houses, […] Read More

Digital Chicanery

Community Coffee This is part of the reason I have a site named, I kept getting images that involved pieces of sky. That image was on the way to the coast, out the front windscreen of a hybrid, and what caught my eye, but didn’t really show up when the image was massaged for […] Read More

Deer Crossing

The Technical Details: The joy of running multiple websites is that I get a chance to experiment with the sites with little traffic, plug and play, see what works. In its original form, this web-journal was an experiment in prose. See where the words went. Still is, and there is material here that will eventually […] Read More

Post-Processing Roll

One more fishing image as it looks unlikely that I’ll get a chance to fish again soon. Buddy took this, I’m not sure if it was his camera or mine, or phone, or whatever. I liked it because that was another one of those big reds that felt like a huge fish. The fish were […] Read More

So Afterwards

Wendell — in catching up — he alluded to time spent in New Mexico. I asked where. “Truth or Consequences.” He was a fireman there. I replied that I was just out there, a few weeks ago, in TorC. “You must’ve been there, if you call it, ‘TorC,’ man, no one else calls it that.” […] Read More

Sloughs, Channels, Cuts, and Creek Beds

“And I’ll take ‘places fish hang out’ as the question!” I never know where to start. Start at the beginning? I called to confirm for my fishing date, and my buddy suggested we change it up a little, different launch ramp. Not exactly a new launch place, just further north than usual. “Man, I was […] Read More

Coastal Images & Recycling

There’s a point where repetition improves the technique. Repeat a successful process, over and over, refining and honing the skill. One buddy suggested there is no such thing as too much repetition. If it’s good once, then work on it. I’d like to think about it as refining a process. From cursory studies, turns out […] Read More

Hurricane Preparations

In a closet, on one corner of a shelf, there’s my hurricane emergency kit. I lived in Austin too long. Never had a real need for a hurricane kit. I heard stories, “Back in the day, Carla (Bertha, Betty, etc.) churned up the old Air Force terminal like the planes were wooden models,” but I […] Read More

The New Horoscopes are available

The New Horoscopes are online! Image is from Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) EP by Beats Antique […] Read More

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