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Serge A. Storms

Serge A. Storms rides again… Wisdom from Serge: “Cabin fever is the natural enemy of strategic judgment.” “and my luck is long past the expiration date.” “It’s just another glaring opportunity missed by the general populace. There’s no law against pretending to be a civilian professional.” “A negative genetic experiment crossing Danny DeVito and Allen […] Read More

Libraries and Digital Libraries

Libraries and Digital Libraries and the secret? Make them like coffee shops. Reminds me of why San Antonio’s Bexar BiblioTech is popular […] Read More

4. Read. A lot.

It’s a dictum. “Read. A lot.” In order to be constantly improving, there’s the secret ingredient of reading. One of my cousins is published, tenured, expert in a field that is bereft of any technological input. No machines and using tools that are certainly as old as the Clovis Civilizations. When we were talking about […] Read More

Money and Happiness

Money and Happiness

How eBook Distribution is Broken

How eBook Distribution is Broken and how to fix it! The first part was a title for an article. No link, not germane to the discussion. I asked my Red-Headed Capricorn friend, she was along for the ride on the birthday fishing trip, I asked her how many books she bought in doubles, like, the […] Read More

The Tao

From The Tao: “65. 1. The ancients who showed their skill in practising the Tao did so, not to enlighten the people, but rather to make them simple and ignorant.” Excerpt From: Laozi. “The Tao Teh King, or the Tao and its Characteristics.” As always, the hosted version is here. Pink Cake is a […] Read More

No Stone Unturned

No Stone Unturned is really about guilty pleasures, and the latest Stone Barrington novel by Stuart Woods, the novel’s title is Paris Match. "...that's what a negotiation is about, you don't really get everything you want." P. 27. Paris Match - Stuart Woods Paris Match (Stone Barrington) Fast-paced, well-crafted, what I always enjoy – like […] Read More

Half-Price Books

Half-Price Books: The short yet thoroughy insightful article is from Fortune, I think just the online version. Gives a heady glimpse into the way one of my favorite literary resources works, Half-Price Books. Going back through a lifetime love affair with books, the mere mention of the name conjurs up two images, one is the […] Read More


Skink by Carl Hiaasen Interesting read, fun bit of fluff with a recurring character I was glad to meet again, the “Governor.” I recall, reclining on the “couch” in a trailer park in South Austin, reading, I think it was Double Whammy, and scene where the “Governor” character pitted a large-mouth bass against a bass-fishing […] Read More

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