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The Surfer

The Surfer Oddly enough, my roots in the study of astrology are deeply intertwinned with the tarot. It was one specific deck, handed to me by a Scorpio mentor, and that deck pushed the astrology into place. The lightbulb moment, the “Ah-ha,” and to some, like that Scorpio, the “gotcha!” Epiphany to some, to borrow […] Read More

Pluto Square Uranus

Pluto Square Uranus Quite possibly, this would be one of the final passes from this particular planetary arrangement, Pluto Square Uranus. While I’ve addressed this before, in the past years, mostly featured as Uranus Square Pluto, I’m changing this up a little because I had a perfect example of the energy, manifest in a proper […] Read More

5. Ignore the Pundits

5. Ignore the Pundits

How It Works

How It Works

Asteroids and Jupiter

This one explains a lot. An […] Read More

The Moon’s Handmaiden

I figure the longer title should explain it all, The Moon’s Handmaiden: astrolgoical transits explained and delinated, and I’m still not convinced. The original working title was Dramatic Irony, but I’m unsure the message conveys. There are three basic texts that formed the foundation of part of my career, and in one form or another, […] Read More

The Skies at Night

etc.: the way: Bare Foot Astrology with Kramer Wetzel […] Read More

Weather, Saturn, and Scorpio

It’s about the recent cold front, Weather, Saturn, and Scorpio. Really should include other issues, too. On two ocassions, since last March, twice, three times to include the El Paso commute, I’ve worn long pants. Twice was for funerals. Since essentially the beginning of last March, I’ve been in short pants. Sandals. Usually Piper Sandals, […] Read More

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius

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