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Ojo Hollyhock

Ojo Caliente, home of the sweetest cigar […] Read More

Alpine Lupine

[…] Read More


The finest album to ever come out of the Texas Music scene, with a hat tip Waylon, Willie (et al)? The one album that defines and captures the essence of the experience, the live action of a honky-tonk, the crowd, the dust, and some straw cowboy hats? Robert Earl Keen’s “Live #2” Dinner. One song […] Read More

Chollo Bloom

Chollo Cactus serves many purposes. It produces a stout, lightweight stick, I’ve seen it used for walking staffs. The cactus itself, I’ve written about variations, the light filtering through the blooms on late-fall drive through Big Bend. Used in a horoscope, too, as it was an excellent example. This image was last summer, in Santa […] Read More

Red Menu Item

Menu Items The restaurant, name, location, everything. What really caught my attention, though? “New Goat Meat” Better than old goat meat? It’s all cabrito to me. All good, too […] Read More

Dandy Char Broiled Burgers

The visual irony might not be obvious. At the corner of US 285 and Riverside Drive. Dandy Char Boiled Burgers. The irony is inside, the coke bottle on the paper cup? Diet Dr. Pepper. Little rich on the mix, makes for a fake sweetness, still, washed down a “Dandy Special,” which was a cheeseburger, drink, […] Read More

Santa Fe Flower Bed

The flowers, I have no idea what the name is. I think I’ve seen them as ‘spot of color’ in local nurseries, so it’s not like these are native New Mexico floral patches. Twin elements visible in the image do set this part from any other part of the country, at least, sets it apart […] Read More

Billy the Kid Plaque

Just off the old square in downtown Santa Fe, NM. I still like the musical version of the tale, best. Written by Joe Ely (Aquarius). He’s been known to explain that he found the historical material lacking, and that he wanted to embellish the tale. Photo, filters, frames: iPhone Laeti edimus qui nos subigant! Two […] Read More

Micro-blogging Bits

Ten brands that will disappear in a year: Don’t recall why I was looking at this…. Punk’s not dead! Sure. Sure thing […] Read More

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