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Date: 9/14/98 2:39 PM

Received: 9/14/98 4:11 PM

From: Brough Stewart

To: FGSKramer@aol.com

Wanted: SWF for go no-where, never going to amount to much relationship. Poor communication skills a most, sexually damaged a plus. No resolved issues of the past because you can take it out on me. You don't have to be accountable for your behavior at all because it's me that has to change. If you like playing games and being a victim, I'm the guy for you. After all being indirect, sarcastic and passive aggressive are behaviors I'm familiar with. If your idea of fun is yelling, name calling, raging at each other and screwing up plans for future good times, I'm the sucker you've been looking for. Don't worry about intimacy or talking feelings, anger is all that's necessary. No pressure for commitment, whatever I do won't be good enough anyway. You will never have to ask for anything because you don't know what you want. If you're looking for a painful relationship with multiple break-ups and reconciliation, misery fueled by anger and resentments, call immediately and hang up numerous times so I'll quickly become comfortable with you. Silent treatment assures me that it's true love.

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