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1) It's a weekly horoscope. Don’t like it? Don't complain. Crude, vulgar complaints get filtered and tossed. Witty and clever criticism, especially when it's helpful, might get an answer. Last week, last year, and all the profiles are still free: don't bitch. Didn't your mother tell you, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything"?

1.1a) Subscription sign-up is here.

1.1b) Password/login for "xenon" and the horoscopes are not the same thing. Login for "xenon" is to prevent abuse.

1.1c) Privacy policy, contractual terms, legal disclaimers, and terms of use, plus the copyright notice are all contained in the fine print.

2) The Fishing Guide to the Stars Horoscopes have been in circulation since the late 1980's, and on the web, in one form or another, since 1994.

3) "Why don't you include the dates for the signs?" They are included. I caught approximately three barrels of crap from people when I was including the dates in the scopes. I got tired of explaining the basic mechanics of how the solar system works and how the dates for the signs are determined. Besides, the dates can change every year, and time, place of birth, latitude and longitude are important factors.

5) If it's a problem with your web software, why are you asking me to fix it? If there is a problem with the web site, then send me a note.

6) Problems with the mailing lists? They're in a suspended state at this point, pending review.

7) Got a question about your specific horoscope or your astrology chart? It's what I do for a living. The order page has ordering information. Time is money: I don't have a lot of either.

8) The web site is under constant revision as we search for faster, easier ways to displays the information. Looking for something in particular? Start by clicking on the site index.

The web journal is titled "Xenon". It's a long story. Don't even bother to ask.

10) Contact mailing adress, phone, etc?

11) "Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!" is Latin. It's a personal motto.

12) You want daily horoscopes? The weekly weighs in at an average of 2,500 words per week. That's roughly 130,000 words per year, the size of medium to large paperback. Multiple that by 7 days per week. You're asking me to turn out 7 times as much work? Is that even a reasonable request?

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