Common Misconception:
The TV myth dispelled.

Whoops, wrong Kramer! Funny thing is, I've been known professionally as "Kramer" (my real first name) since 1979. I'm Kramer Wetzel, I was given the name at birth, been called that all my life, and I'm not a character on TV... who was played by Michael Richards. He's a Virgo, or so I've heard -- I don't know, he never answered my E-mail.

And I deny the rumor that the character was modeled after me! But there's a funny story behind this common misconception--I had a neighbor, a guy who lived next door to me for several years, and he was college student (alas, the poor lad graduated, against my stern warnings). I use to wander into his apartment, completely unannounced, and avail myself of whatever was in the ice box, or talk to his girlfriends, or whatever. I did discover that frozen waffles were really good, straight out of the freezer. Apparently my behavior was just like some guy on TV with the same name.

Here's my real bio.