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As a fully independent writer and astrologer, lots of love, care, as well as blood, sweat, and sometimes heartbreaking tears all gets poured into my work. Called many names, these horoscopes are eerily accurate at times, weirdly prescient, or, occasionally, incomprehensible — if you enjoy what you read, please support my work. Sign-up here:

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Harness the power of the stars to win at the game of life. Love them or hate them, sometimes in the same breath. Stay abreast with the most current horoscopes.

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These horoscopes combine years of observation and practical application of astronomy, under the guise of “Western” Astrology. Consider that I’ve studied several types of astrology, and I have a working knowledge of a handful esoteric schools of thought. Connect that with a genuine love for Shakespeare’s work and old-fashioned fishing, and there’s the hook.

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Astrology, like this — like no other — the weekly column’s advice, it contains the secrets of the universe, and ways to make life more fulfilling, using those secrets. Amuse, amaze, and some days, just yank your chain, but maybe you needed that.

It’s a metaphyiscal dance — customized just for your sign, each week. Plus extras.

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In one form or another, these “horoscopes” started in 1987 and have been in continuous digital distribution since 1993. Without reader support, this cannot happen.

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