Kramer Wetzel

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“I abhor such fanatical phantasimes…such rackers of orthography.” Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor’s Lost [V.i.18-20] Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 4.9.2015 Aries: Third quarter-moon. Things were going so smoothly then something happened. “It was all going according to plan!” Then, the littlest “thing” tripped that Aries trigger. It’s not a big deal, and [...]

“What a brazen-faced varlet art thou…” Kent in Shakespeare’s King Lear [II.ii.25] Kent is addressing Oswald, who doesn’t seem to recognize Kent, although they had an altercation just two days before. Odd how that fits with Mercury in Retrograde. On this date in 1871, explorer Henry Stanley found the missing Scottish missionary David Livingstone in [...]

“A stone-cutter or a painter could not have made him so ill, though they had been but two years o’ th’ trade.” Shakespeare’s King Lear [II.ii.58-60] During her reign 1558-1603, Elizabeth I made England the captain of commerce through naval superiority. History is always more fun when Mercury is Retrograde. Scorpio: There are a couple [...]

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