All’s Well

All’s Well

“Throca movousus, cargo, cargo, cargo.”

All’s Well That Ends Well

All’s Well That Ends Well

Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well (4.1.25)

Front piece is here.

Recent clip about All’s Well That Ends Well — and the infographic.

In Shakespeare After All, she opens with a suggestion that All’s Well That Ends Well is a comic version of Coriolanus. Romantic comedy against strong-willed women?

Don’t forget, Shakespeare is attributed with being the first modern playwright to offer women as fully-fleshed people, real characters, not just empty stage representations.

Does beggar the question, who is in charge.

All’s Well

Think my old professor’s termed this a problem play, but it’s sort of an Elizabethan era Rom-Com?

The great actress playing Helena — seen her in many roles in the last few years, but this one had great range. Exceptional portrayal with some — comic — betrayal.

Rousingly comic performance by all.

Now, there’s some other clownish oaf in Shakespeare — can’t think of the character’s name, or play, but the king of France in this one needs to play Falstaff.

Beautifully rendered in the barn.

All’s Well

In rep at Shakespeare Winedale (UT &c.)


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