Ides of March

Crossing the pass, Trans-Mountain Pass, Franklin Mountain, El Paso, TX.. The hazard signs read: Rock slides Strong wind currents 8% grade Falling rock Runaway truck ramp It’s the drive over the mountain to “work,” such as it is. Details are at

Get Some Blakes

I know “Blake’s Lotaburger” from New Mexico. Regional burger chain, with a principle difference than most: Hatch — or “Hatch Style” — green peppers as a required condiment. Or should be required. I haven’t checked, for sure, but the Blake‘s in El Paso, old West Side location, that’s the only one in Texas? Certainly, currently, in [...]

Civilized Histories

Presido, TX: couple of hours southeast of El Paso, and evidence of some of the earliest civilized settlements in North America. It is history — and geography — that defines the area, and speaks to my great love of the countryside. Up the roads few hundred miles to the north, is the namesake and first [...]

Shout Out SWA

I’ve been commuting across the American SouthWest for more than a quarter of a century, and on SWA, after not-so-cheap seats on another — now defunct — airline. While I didn’t intend to, El Paso is a regular stop. Quickest, shortest frequently least expensive? SWA. This is the second time in recent memory the ground [...]

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

From various feeds, think I pulled this from the “general news,” which, for me, is tailored to include notable Shakespeare work and recent developments, but from the daily feeds? The Folger’s “Shakespeare’s Julius Casaer” It’s just a digital copy of the text itself. However, as a commentary I recall re-listening to this a time or [...]

Web Design Notes

Maybe this is more like a listing for proper website etiquette, or, I could file this under me being a cranky old man. “Know what pisses me off?” I was reading a thoroughly fascinating article about Jack-in-the-Box tacos. “Greasy, fried cat food,” with a piece of American cheese laid across the top. Probably not even [...]


The masthead. The colophon This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Copyright © (stick a date here). All rights reserved. Published in the United States [...]

Pitching Ideas

They believed that it was a mistake to separate product development from marketing, as most of their contemporaries did, because to them the two were indistinguishable: the object that sold best was the one that sold itself. via Malcolm Gladwell’s The long article is about the consummate pitchman and inventor, Mr. Ronco himself, Ron [...]

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