BBQ Sauce Debate

Amusing, to me, in a twisted way, is the BBQ Sauce Debate. Really good BBQ doesn’t require BBQ sauce, right? Hence the debate. However, and even funnier to me, at Rudy’s, the regular sauce is outstanding, but at some of the outlets, like the original in Leon Springs (minutes west of San Antonio), the BBQ [...]


The way I learned about it, or relearned about it, this digs deep, but the first “Mac” virus, it was stamped out in a hurry, but the first version was easy to catch by looking at the resource fork of an application that was infected. To help thwart the spread of the “mac” virus, there [...]

The Wall

Pink Floyd’s song was on the muzak at the Alamo Drafthouse, and I’m sure that was just a coincidence. The Wall - Pink Floyd Yeah, just coincidence — the movie we were seeing? The Wall with Marky Mark. Universally panned by critics, seeing it at the Alamo Drafthouse was a bonus. The teaser reels were [...]

Virtual Light

Virtual Light - William Gibson There was a special, came through in an e-mail notice of sorts, and I think it was 99 cents. Yes, I am an avid reader of most of that author’s work. Interested more so in his early work, but the styles — and apparent subject matter — has grown and [...]

Listening to Die Valkure

Based on a previous Norse Notation, I was listening to the opera to and from Austin. Day after Valentine’s. I went searching for a libretto, thinking I had a grip on the plot, only to find out I was woefully mistaken. Still, it is a sad love story, misguided, even, with both gods and humans [...]

San Antonio Coffee

via various: Cuban: Café Cubano – espresso with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Mexican: Café de Olla – 1 tbsp coffee, 1½ tbsp. piloncillo, 1½ cups water and a cinnamon stick. Irish Coffee — Irish Coffee. Still a works in progress, be my guess. Subsidiary to this one, I’ve added “Pour Over” to my morning routine. [...]

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