Old Austin

Old Austin Bit long-winded, but the right set-up about the old Austin, and yes, I was there. And in Austin this coming weekend, too.


Sandals Some folks wonder why I wear sandals as much as possible, and that merely gives rise to the notions of Bare Foot Astrology.

The Peripheral

The Peripheral The Peripheral by William Gibson “Opportunities to do very badly were manifold. You avoided them. The major part in any success.” Excerpt From: Gibson, William. “The Peripheral.” Penguin Group, USA, 2014–09–25. iBooks. At some point in my life, I had one of those now-rare books, a first-edition, beat-up paperback of Gibson’s Neuromancer. As [...]

Travel Gear

More like travel gear of a former road warrior – okay, more like semi-retired traveler. Think I addressed these very issues, previously. What I’ve arrived at is a simple system, really. When it is work, or astrology-work related travel, be it a day-trip to Austin, overnight to El Paso, or any other of the locations [...]

Cymbeline 2nd Thought

Cymbeline 2nd Thought Just an addendum to this. A really good performance stays with me, like movies in popular culture. The stuff that sticks, historically, at the end of Cymbeline, spoiler alert, the namesake for the play, the titular character, based on the History of English Kings, he pays tribute to Rome. Turns out it [...]

A Thousand Miles of Texas

Ray Benson, and Asleep at the Wheel, do a very creditable version of “I’ve seen miles and miles of Texas.” In three days, I saw, an estimated A Thousand Miles of Texas. In a single three-day period, I saw over a thousand miles of Texas, from the driver’s seat of a tiny hybrid. Two hybrids, [...]

Food Safety

Including a bit from a favorite retail establishment, Costco, a New York Times piece about food secrets. Testing. Always testing for Food Safety. Personally, I figured some of this out from clients in Southern New Mexico, how, until recently, “Hatch Green Chiles” didn’t always come from Hatch, NM. Food Safety, how it changes, the last [...]

How to Use These Horoscopes

Legitimate question, How to Use These Horoscopes, the question, as it arises every so often. I once wrote about clarity, same concept, revisited, almost seven years later. With that as a question, How to Use These Horoscopes, what the new and improved answer? There was one place with a funny video about how to use [...]

Exercise Kit

While this innocuously titled Exercise Kit, what I really wanted to name it was Exorcise Kit. Got to remember this is for Grace’s haunted trailer. “You’ve slept in it,” she said, “you know it’s not haunted.” Her last daughter – also Leo – completing her first graduate degree, swears on all that is holy, that [...]

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