Symbols and Such

Symbols and Such This was going to get wrapped into a horoscope, but I’m unsure if I can wait that long. One buddy up in Austin had an image of his tiny plot of land that he’s farming. Urban farming, best guess. The Google Satellite image showed a small square that was diagonnaly hoed. Rows [...]

Gearhead Reviews

Gearhead Reviews Bag and Baggage The “bag and baggage” quote, just that snippet, made me think. Amazon, lovely algorithm there, my little friend, recommended a brand of baggage because I was looking at canvas backpacks, and assorted baggage. In a weather–proof world, I’m at a point where I spend very little time in inclement conditons. [...]

The Sand Men

The Sand Men The Sand Men – Christopher Fowler Motoring around a bookstore, the other afternoon, I bemoaned my loss of archaic discovery for new books. However, I did stumble onto a new that looked to be fun. The method of discovery, after writing about roots in Austin, rummaging the various locations, I was amiably [...]

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