Context It has to be taken in context or it doesn’t count. As I was listening to Richard 3, the quick pace, the rapid winding up and unravelling of themes? I must be married to my brother’s daughter, Or else my kingdom stands on brittle glass. Murder her brothers and then marry her— Uncertain way [...]

The Last Mile

The Last Mile The Last Mile – David Baldacci Forensic literature studies, I have to wonder, but in reviews of reviews, from sources, it looks like Shakespeare wrote Henry 6th Part 2 before Part 1. If I recall, the evidence is based on two sources, the Stationary Register and Records of Performances, both — it’s [...]

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Now Available on Appple News! Channel: Dear Kramer Wetzel, Congratulations! is now available in News. To see your channel, open this link on iOS: Manage your channel in News Publisher

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