Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry Guess some kind of a subtitle should be “Escape Austin.” The old South Austin? Never can quite escape, not totally. Everyday Carry My travel has shrunk, from worldwide to that thin line stretching from San Antonio to Austin, and back again. And again. And again. Down to the Texas Gulf Coast, mostly Corpus [...]

Marlowe’s Edward II

Marlowe’s Edward II Marlowe’s Edward II? A single line stood out as an effeminate and aging King was roused to a war–like stance — Strike off their heads, and let them preach on poles! King Edward in Marlowe’s Edward II III.ii.20 Just such graphic imagery. The audio file is available from After hearing all [...]

via Joe Ely

via Joe Ely It’s a short clip from one of his books, verse from a singer/songwriter. Texas Troubador, &c. Legend. “Yeah, a ‘legend’ from Lubbock.” Yeah, so? Anyway, this moment’s lyric, from the verse titled, “One Fuse of Summer,” from the book, Bonfire of Roadmaps: Visions of neon train howling thru Texas nite A self–contained [...]

The Nest

The Nest The Nest – Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney Amazon’s online review sold me, but I shopped, and I avoided buying the book for a few days. I was interested, but buying a book itself is a commitment. I’m not always good with long–term commitments. There’s a deft authorial touch in the prologue, and then, I [...]

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