Pen is in Retrograde

Pen is in Retrograde Pen is in Retrograde is vulgar shorthand for Venus in apparent retrograde motion, which means, plain language and no vulgar notation, that the planet Venus appears to be moving in a fashion that looks like it’s going backwards — compared to the rest of the night sky. Not like any of [...]

Libra 2018

Libra 2018 Looks like Libra starts as the Sun transits into the Tropical Zodiac sign of Libra, September 22, 2018 around 9:30 PM, CDT. Full Moon approaching, Venus in Scorpio, slow in the first quarter? Mars still sort of square Uranus, with the Sun plus Mercury square Saturn, and all of that looks like this? [...]

Super Seven

Super Seven Venus enters its “shadow” on September 2, 2018, passing the point at 25 Libra. Venus turns Retrograde at 10 Scorpio, on October 5, 2018. 2:04 PM, according to localized software. Venus turns direct at 25 Libra, on November 16, 2018. 5:51 AM, not to be too detail-oriented. Venus completes this cycle when it [...]