Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces 2/22/2016 at 12:20 PM, local time. Such a bizarre dynamic at play, the Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces. One is exacting and the other less strict. Then, no sooner does the moon line up opposite that sun then, thanks be unto Pisces, the moon opposes Neptune, just a [...]

How to Read the Horoscopes

How to Read the Horoscopes Tracing my life-long coffee affection/addiction, I can go as far back as a cold-water bedsit in old East Austin, seriously, back in the day. Serious roots. That’s where I first experimented with a “French Press” coffee maker. For an occasional purist like myself, the French Press offers the easiest, most [...]

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in Capricorn Short link to an article about Pluto’s Moon Charon — Pluto in Capricorn I’ve covered my version, before, or here. Pluto and its moon, Charon, they seem to be less like the Earth and its satellite, the Moon, and more like a pair of fuzzy dice, hanging from the rearview — which [...]

Pisces 2016

Pisces 2016 Two calculations led to similar results. One program said 11:33 PM, the other suggested 11:34 PM, but either way, that’s close enough, the Sun is in Pisces, now. The chart shows a widening gap, still under a degree, but definite separation between Pluto and Uranus. The effect of the Moon, as it passes [...]

Some of Shakespeare’s Politics

Some of Shakespeare’s Politics From Coriolanus We are accounted poor citizens, the patricians good. What authority surfeits on would relieve us. If they would yield us but the superfluity while it were wholesome, we might guess they reliev’d us humanely; but they think we are too dear. The leanness that afflicts us, the object of [...]

Astrology Transits, 2

Astrology Transits, 2 Astrology Transits, 2 Over and over, in more than a quarter of century of looking at astrology charts, Astrology Transits provide the single, most reliable form of predictions. Dramatic Irony Previously annotated here. Astrology Transits, 2 The term refers to the movement of the planets, tracked, watched, observed, and there’s always that [...]

You Got a Minute

You Got a Minute Typical question, no? You Got a Minute? Depends. “Can you just look at my chart and give me a quick idea….” Two choices, baby. Two choices. Three, now, three choices. Schedule a reading. Buy a chart report. Subscribe to the horoscopes. It’s that simple. “So, You Got a [...]

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