How Art Gets Made

How Art Gets Made A chart that explains How Art Gets Made. That simple. I maintain, still part of the original hypothesis I started with when I fell into this career, that astrology is part science — the location of the astronomical bodies — and part art — the interpretation of meaning of those energies, [...]

Stranger in a Strange Land

Stranger in a Strange Land In my life, this is the second, third, maybe fourth time I’ve read this text. On a bookshelf with, quite literally, several dozen books, maybe three linear feet, I’ve got RAH’s young adult material, paperbacks, later first editions, some collectible items, some that harkens back to the Golden Age of [...]

Taurus 2016

Taurus 2016 Taurus starts April 19, 2016 at 10:29 AM — By now, Mars has already started, in earnest, with his semi-annual retrograde pattern. This Taurus season, maybe the chart doesn’t show all the details, but this season? Part of the Mars Pattern is the bit where Mars slides back into Scorpio, the sign opposite [...]

Cut Copy Paste

Cut Copy Paste With the current state of affairs, I thought I would offer a simple solution. It’s so easy, just copy, paste, and cut out what’s not needed. —Begin Message— Dear Boss, Employer, Supervisor, Manager, Team Leader, Spouse, Boyfriend, Girlfriend: According to my personal astrologer, Kramer Wetzel of, this is not a good [...]

Best Time to File Taxes

Best Time to File Taxes Astrology is useful for a number of events and timing of events. I was attempting to keep the big planets off the hard angles, and arrange for a non-combative, serendipitous planetary arrangement for all the late filers and the folks, like me, who insist on mailing in a tax return. [...]

Tools Revisited

Tools Revisited Pursuant to a previous post, here — a link about tools, there are tools that change. One tool that has changed — dramtically — for me? Pen & Pencil. Previously, with much of my undergraduate and graduate career thusly colored, I used 0.7 mm “lead holders” — like a pencil version of a [...]

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