Short definition? Writing about a piece of art. Picked it up from from a (client) (link) (referral) (I don't know). They liked the Greek-derived version, better, spelled differently: ekphrasis. Weird, couldn’t find the definition in a literature handbook. The term applies, in a variety of definitions, to “Writing about a piece of art,” and that’s [...]

Never Give Up

The caricature, cartoon, seen so many times, either as a greeting card — or whatever “internet memes” were before they were digitally reproduced and forwarded ad nauseam — the image itself? It was either a frog or a snake, in the beak of a predator bird, and in some way, struggling to get free. CafePress [...]

New Archetype

I can’t recall the details, bet it was a shelf someplace, grocery? Restaurant? Memory is an exceedingly porous membrane, at best — that’s science. The rest is hypothetical, and usually, just conjecture. The New Archetype refers to the image of Sriracha Sauce, a new favorite. While the sauce itself is rooted in Pacific Rim food, [...]

Affable Wolves

It’s a quote from a wildly weird play, sort of an afterthought in Shakespeare’s collected works, which to me, just makes it more interesting. Current scholarship suggests that it is one play in two parts, and the primary author was probably Shakespeare, but his heir apparent — in respects to the acting company — probably [...]

Lather Rinse Repeat

The adage, as seen here: Lather Rinse Repeat. There are — at least — two running commentaries about them that term, “Lather Rinse Repeat.” The first is that it was an advertising jingle that sold billions of containers of a certain brand of shampoo. The second is that it is a term that implies innate [...]

Fly Your Freak Flag

Fly that freak flag, high and proud. It’s an image of nothing more than an empty sign, over what was then looked like, an abandoned lot. Address was listed as 1010 S. Flores. I lived down the street from there, for a while. Eventually, it was paved over and mid-rise, multi-use, urban-infill landed in that [...]

Fiesta Prayer Flags

More so in San Antonio, than any place else I’ve visited, the quotidian Fiesta Flags remind me of Tibetan Prayer Flags. Latest version, more than ever before, reminds me of Tibetan Prayer Flags. Snapping and flapping in the breeze, gaily hued, overhead, or, in some cases, again, like the prayer flags at one zen center, [...]

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