Mona Lisa Overdrive

Mona Lisa Overdrive Seminal piece of fiction, end of the first “trilogy” set in cyberspace before it was “cyberspace.” 1988 imprint, and somehow I wound up with an advance reading copy. I’m sure that’s worth some money, but all I did was read the book. What triggered this train wreck of thoughts? Looking at some [...]

Waiting Room Tableaux

Waiting Room Tableaux It’s a Waiting Room Tableaux here. It was a long, strange spring, at first, quite cold, unseasonably cool, but once the switch was flipped, warmed up — excessively. Still, the right corner in the hospital waiting room, snuggle in with a book to read, and stay up to the minute on developments. [...]

Flamingo Flock

Flamingo Flock It’s a Flamingo Flock, image from the ubiquitous side project, because, some days, we all need a little whimsey.

This Sunday in San Antonio

Sunday Sunday in San Antonio Sunday! This Sunday in SA! See listing for details, and see the photo-blog for street cred. Sunday! Sunday in SA! for details Sunday Sunday in San Antonio Two-Meat Tuesday Bexar County Line – Kramer Wetzel Bexar County Line San Pedro Creek San Pedro Creek – Kramer Wetzel San Pedro [...]

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