Aquaman Saw it this other weekend, early morning show. Should’ve been a matinee price, but for some reason I’m not old enough for senior discount. There was some essence of the mostly green screen production, maybe all of it was movie studio green screen, but there was essence of old mythology. Mom, split by an [...]

No Sunscreen for the Dead

No Sunscreen for the Dead No Sunscreen for the Dead – Tim Dorsey As seen here, No Sunscreen for the Dead. No Sunscreen for the Dead With an anti-hero who seems to rattle on and on like the manic and disturbed person that he is, it’s still amazing how compact the prose can be. So [...]

Trailer Park

Trailer Park “You can take the girl out of the Trailer Park but you can’t take the Trailer Park out of the girl.” Really deserves the picture, but modesty — and threat of bodily damage — prevents that. “Kramer?” “Yes?” “Shut up.” Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel Pink Cake

You May Ask Yourself

You May Ask Yourself Well, how did I get here? You May Ask Yourself How do I work this? Where is that large automobile? You May Ask Yourself What is that beautiful house? Where does that highway lead to? Am I right, am I wrong? You May Ask Yourself Once in a lifetime Once in [...]