Two Cards

Two Cards I carry, have carried for more than 20 years now, a single type of Tarot deck, the Thoth Deck. First one was a gift, and that one still sits in box, in my office, the original cards are frayed and care-worn, then, there’s the big deck I carted around the countryside for years, [...]

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water Still in theaters, I was late to the party. Still, adore the film, but part of my experience was enriched by two features: close to Valentine’s Day and the Alamo Drafthouse — always a superior movie experience. There was lyrical bend to the way the story was told, and the delightful [...]


Origin Origin – Dan Brown As usual, but first? “Langdon had always enjoyed the challenge of modern art—primarily the exploration of why particular works were hailed as masterpieces: Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings; Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup cans; Mark Rothko’s simple rectangles of color.” Page 17. Oh, oh, me! Me! Pick me, I can answer that [...]

The New Auto-Correct

The New Auto-Correct For many years, I chewed on the idea that there was a kind of current usage of English language, and I thought of it as “Microsoft Word English.” Hated it. It wasn’t always grammatically correct, not in the version I had used, and I prefer a real, live grammar checker person, a [...]


Unbound Unbound – Stuart Woods Looking for the digital library version, to match the hardback I’ve got, my local library had an audio version before the e–book was out. The novel’s listing, as an audio book, said it was 7 hours and 59 minutes in length, as a recording. Some years ago, I booked a [...]

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