Mars Edit

MarsEdit - for WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. - Red Sweater Software If you have a Mac (Apple Macintosh Z-Fruit 6000 computer), then this might be the best desktop client as a front-end for interfacing with various blog-motors. Thus spake the authorities in the world online. Previously, ByWord. Previously, Ulysses Word Processor. Simple versus complex, in [...]

The Dubliners

The Dubliners - James Joyce Much as I hate lists, and the link-bait they offer, it was from a list of books Hemingway would recommend. Top three on the list, I’ve read. The Dubliners by James Joyce came in at 4 or so. Always go with the nebulous, “Joyce, right, yeah think I read that [...]

Ruffian Dick

Ruffian Dick - Joseph Kennedy & John Enright All about Sir Richard Burton — at least — look at how this stacks up... “...more than a century after his death, he is still considered the world’s greatest erotic anthropologist.” Page 13. What sold the book, from a list I subscribe to, for me, was two-fold. Three. [...]

Writer Wet Dream

In downtown Port Angeles, there was an office supply/business machines store. The front window had this — to me — highly erotic and exotic display of typewriters, perhaps other tools, but mostly typewriters. The largest portion of displayed collection appeared to be Royal manual versions. Think there was one IBM Selectric, and not until I [...]

A Very Private Grief

An uncle passed the other evening. While not exactly close in recent times, I have stayed in touch, as best I can. Made a few long detours to check up on him, some years back. Perhaps I’m missing something, but there is that elegiac tone. HIs wife, my aunt, showed up in dreams, some time [...]

Round Rock Donuts

Standing in line at the Starbucks, past the security check, I watched, bemused, as a guy took a picture of the mugs. Variously, they read, Texas and San Antonio. “Where ya’ll from,” I asked. “New York,” he said, hint of that typical accent. I smiled, and he asked where I was from. “Here.” There was [...]

Media Memories

This article triggered a thought, about advertising and media. Two failed businesses, dead issues, now. The salient point being that Apple apparently lets the media cover a product to carry the weight of the advertising and marketing. That idea, just like the old dancing frogs in top of the bank turned-dance-club. The 80’s were a [...]

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