Seven Days of Us

Seven Days of Us Seven Days of Us – Francesca Hornak It’s a Christmas tale? “Of course, every Christmas is a quarantine of sorts.” Page 13. Make me think fondly of Xmas passed. Spent several Xmas holidays in the UK, jolly Old London-Town. The term, as set up by the novel’s premise, a quarantine with [...]

Bad Night at the El Royale

Bad Night at the El Royale In theaters, now. Based solely on the idea that the great Jeff Bridges is in it? Then call it black comedy? I’m in. Full price. No discount. What it made me think of, never mind, but I’ve seen portions of that movie set in other shows, movies or TV, [...]

Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures Desperate Measures by Stuart Woods Every time a new novel appears, I’m unsure whether I should thank the old girlfriend, or curse her. The author has a command of the language, though, that I openly admire. Less style. All story, driven forward with the right balance of whatever. I once figured this out [...]

Last Show of the Year

Last Show of the Year While I don’t consider myself a “Parrot head” in any sense of the word, I did have a wall clock, in a place at the coast, and I kept that clock set to 5:00 PM. Island time? Considering how little I drink, besides caffeine, makes it more amusing. The people [...]

Six Things I Carry

Six Things I Carry Original inspiration from brilliant British author Chris Fowler’s blog, seen here, as 6 things I carry. Six Things I Carry When I travel, I’m less inclined to bring six specific items. More like a generalized grouping. Towards that end, though, I do keep a “Go-bag” provisioned and packed, one is for [...]

Jimmy Buffett in Retrospect

Jimmy Buffett in Retrospect My earliest, albeit relatively fuzzy, memory of Jimmy Buffett in concert was — I must’ve been early teens or something. He was at an outdoor music festival that celebrated a number of different kinds of music, but mostly “Progressive Country,” which — these days — sounds just like the new term, [...]