The Seventh Function of Language

The Seventh Function of Language The Seventh Function of Language – Laurent Binet & Sam Taylor Good press, and nice reviews are enticing. A word play in the opening sentences with an existential reference was fun, if acerbic? Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest owes his power over the natural world to his books. In the [...]

From Marcus Aurelius

From Marcus Aurelius “16. Put an end once for all to this discussion of what a good man should be, and be one.” Excerpt From: Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius. “Meditations.” Book #10. Meditations: A New Translation (Modern Library) Marcus Aurelius (Loeb Classical Library) Delphi Complete Works of Marcus Aurelius – Marcus Aurelius Meditations – [...]


Holes Holes – Louis Sachar One the years, I’ve read a number of books that are set in my adjacent home of West Texas. The bulk of McMurty’s early modern canon; McCathy’s Pretty Horses, et al.; and the odd thriller which employs my next-door native landscape — a particular Lee Child novel comes to mind, [...]

From Marcus Aurelius Book Ten

From Marcus Aurelius Book Ten “A healthy pair of eyes should see everything that can be seen and not say, ‘No! Too bright!’ (which is a symptom of ophthamlia). “A healthy sense of hearing or smell should be prepared for any sound or scent; a healthy stomach should have the same reaction to all foods, [...]

From Marcus Aurelius Book 8

From Marcus Aurelius Book 8 “27. Thou hast three relationships the first to the vessel thou art contained in; the second to the divine Cause wherefrom issue all things to all; and the third to those that dwell with thee.” Book VIII #27 When I looked up two alternate interpretations, they all seemed to so [...]

From King Lear

From King Lear “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage, blow! You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout Till you have drench’d our steeples, drown’d the cocks!” Act 3, scene 2, lines 1-3, &c. From King Lear Recently, well-performed, on stage, at UT Winedale. Never ends well, not for King Lear.

The Late Show

The Late Show The Late Show – Michael Connelly There was a time, dark corridors of personal history, when I, too, was a denizen of the night. That’s the titles root, The Late Show, the overnight shift. Although, I worked, technically, the swing shift. Still, the sentiment remains. Police procedural. Police procedural with a fine, [...]

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