The Up-sell

All about non-medicated meditation. Read between the lines, though, the author of the piece is selling his books about the topic. Problem being, it’s true. While I haven’t read his books, I know the described practice works. Full details and meditation track, Nine Minute Audio File.

Walled Garden

Walled Garden The term, “Walled Garden,” I first read that in respect to the original version of AOL, what started as the first membership-required kind of online presence. In retrospect, it wasn’t the first, but quickly ascended to the throne of best known. There will always be that bittersweet tang, as AOL was my first [...]

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day Unrelated items? These horoscopes come from a region just south of Austin, Texas. Located in the hills north of San Antonio, the fertile ground has been cultivated for years to provide the best, shade-grown astrology charts available. Carefully culled then handcrafted with love, the combination of altitude and climate produces these quality [...]

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