From Marcus Aurelius Book 8

From Marcus Aurelius Book 8 “27. Thou hast three relationships the first to the vessel thou art contained in; the second to the divine Cause wherefrom issue all things to all; and the third to those that dwell with thee.” Book VIII #27 When I looked up two alternate interpretations, they all seemed to so [...]


E-Readers Of the three parts, the only one I paid close attention to was the comment about i-Books. Hands down, the best software for reading. For me, this is, anymore, reading in bed or on the couch. Reclining, as it were. Kindle UI is clunky, to me. Awkward and ungainly — that’s me. I adore [...]

Revisiting: Tales of the City

Revisiting: Tales of the City Tales of the City – Armistead Maupin Passing through SFO, when I was 12 or 14 years old, I have one startling image of fog rolling over the coastline hills and that fog cascading down into the bay. But I never spent time there until much later. Clouds spilling over [...]

Life Lessons

More appropriately, Life Lessons from a 3-year old. In the pool, neighbor and grandkids, and so forth. I looked up, everyone was congregated round the grill, picnic. It was just me and him. The kid is all of about three years old. Don’t ask, yes, I’ve done the chart on the kid, but that’s not [...]

Barely Legal

Barely Legal Barely Legal – Stuart Woods & Parnell Hall Yes, another. Last year at this time, it was Smoother Operator. Same authors. Similar send up, be my guess. Hardback, first-edition books like this are two-fold in purpose, one, proof that the bookbinding business can be better than ever, and two, a perfect example of [...]

Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde Atomic Blonde, in theaters now. Staring… Oh never mind. Blonde, action-figure, cool as can be. Lots of action. Killer, if not totally accurate, sound-track. Might be, but some of the music seemed like re-imagined versions of what music sounded like in the late 1980s. Who would re-mix disco hits? Why? However, as my [...]