Void Moon

Void Moon Void Moon – Michael Connelly Vegas, baby, in the old days. Not that old, but like one of my first exposures to the city of sin and its allure of nightlife? I wandered through a time or two prior to Y2K, but around there, some time. Fun times. Slot machines used real coins [...]

He Said She Said

He Said She Said Many long years ago, there was a show at the — think it was the Fringe Festival in Scotland — called, “Jerry Springer: the Opera.” Backstory, as I recall it, was that some UK author watched US (uniquely American) daytime TV, and was shocked, appalled, amused, frightened, or, more likely, “train-wrecked.” [...]


Howl Howl: A Graphic Novel Over the years, I refer back to Ginsberg — and most important? “Howl” (and other poems), well, plus City Light Bookstore. Shift to another art form: Opera. One of the most useful texts for my understanding and appreciation of Wagner’s “Ring Cycle?” A comic book. Rather, a ”graphic novel” interpretation [...]

From Marcus Aurelius

From Marcus Aurelius From Marcus Aurelius — a comic view of death. “3. Despise not death, but welcome it, for Nature wills it like all else. For dissolution is but one of the processes of Nature, associated with thy life’s various seasons, such as to be young, to be old, to wax to our prime [...]

King Lear on Amazon Prime

King Lear on Amazon Prime Why watch King Lear on Amazon Prime? Couple of years back I watched a version of Lear done at Winedale, part of the UT Shakespeare at Winedale thing. Amazing performance, and over the ensuing years, it’s one that has stuck with me. First, the title is The Tragedy of King [...]


Calabash Calabash by Christopher Fowler I can’t very well start reading a book by British author Christopher Fowler without a mention of my first exposure to his canon of works. Book’s title was Rune, a dark cover, and I picked it up in a specialty bookstore in London, while I was visiting, couple of weeks [...]