The New Auto-Correct

The New Auto-Correct For many years, I chewed on the idea that there was a kind of current usage of English language, and I thought of it as “Microsoft Word English.” Hated it. It wasn’t always grammatically correct, not in the version I had used, and I prefer a real, live grammar checker person, a [...]


Unbound Unbound – Stuart Woods Looking for the digital library version, to match the hardback I’ve got, my local library had an audio version before the e–book was out. The novel’s listing, as an audio book, said it was 7 hours and 59 minutes in length, as a recording. Some years ago, I booked a [...]

A Year in Review Part II

“Then you perceive the body of our kingdom How foul it is, what rank diseases grow, And with what danger, near the heart of it.” King Henry IV in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, part ii (3.1.38-40) Although both the plays are named for King Henry IV, who ascended to the English throne at the end of [...]

Shakespeare Enriching Life

Shakespeare Enriching Life My formation, the foundation elements? I was in an old apartment in what was then sketchy East Austin. Before the developers and hipsters discovered that it was a primo location. Old army buddy of mine, he was actually a Marine, he was pontificating about Shakespeare and how Shakespeare’s canon, then at 36 [...]

Xmas in Austin

Xmas in Austin Xmas eve eve was Austin. At, maybe a little before, sunset, there it was, clearly visible, Austin’s violet crown. It’s a deep purple glow, a ring around the town, only visible to some, and only on special occasions. Look for it. Magic is in the air, and that special essence, only in [...]

End Game

End Game End Game – David Baldacci The novel’s story, it gets to a certain point, pacing in the tale itself, style, details, and? I get to where I would rather stay up late, burrowed under the covers, and read the novel — more important than work or Xmas or anything else. Just pure escapist [...]

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