Digital Music

Digital Music If I have seemed dyspeptic as of late, sure, it happens, I was listening to two versions of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, back-to-back. After so many years with just one version, I branched out and paid for a digital version on the iTunes. Problems with the download, I finally got frustrated enough to buy [...]

American Gods

American Gods “We’re putting the band back together.” Anyone? American Gods Previously.

Magic Design Numbers

Really, it’s the “Golden Ratio.” Shorthand note, just for me, seen here, as Golden Ratio. Three in a row. That was the quickest way to remember, shoot an image and hope I could recall where I stashed the image. (a + b) / a = a/b = (phi) So a is to b as — [...]

From Marcus Aurelius

From Marcus Aurelius 12. “Upright, or made upright.” Excerpt From: Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius. “Meditations.” Book #VII. Separate version? “Straight. Not straightened.” Herein is the problem with translation. Marcus Aurelius (Loeb Classical Library) Delphi Complete Works of Marcus Aurelius – Marcus Aurelius Meditations – Marcus Aurelius & Gregory Hays Meditations: A New Translation (Modern [...]

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