The Wolf

The Wolf Interesting to find an adorned and ornate wolf buried in a recent Azteca grave. Marcus Aurelius “15. How rotten at the core is he, how counterfeit, who proclaims aloud: I have elected to deal straight forwardly with thee! Man, what art thou at? There is no need to give this out. The fact [...]

Last Night

Last Night All’s well. I dreamt last night of the three weird sisters: To you they have show’d some truth. Banquo in Shakespeare’s Scottish Play II.i.19-21 Last Night But it also came up on the phone app: Curious. Presages something afoot in Austin, methinks.

Amy’s in Smithville

Amy’s in Smithville Perfect Sky Friday kind of image – it was after a Capricorn suggested shakes, and I was thinking Amy’s Ice Cream, and across the street, some retail place that advertised espresso and coffee. Get a double shot of espresso, then drop a small scoop of Amy’s on top, let the two get [...]

Calling Invisible Women

Calling Invisible Women Calling Invisible Women – Jeanne Ray It’s a paperback price deal, or was. The blurb looked interesting enough — the named invisible women are my people. The ones I notice, and not many others do. “It’s just the plight of women after a certain age. No one can see you.” I do, [...]

Under the Lake

Under the Lake Under the Lake – Stuart Woods Looking for something to read, I noticed this in the online sale section, a Stuart Woods’ book I hadn’t read, and cheap digital price, I think it was $1.99. Perfect price for a quick read. “It was the first time in his working life that he [...]


Limits Came up in conversation, trying to recall, Dirty Harry? I plainly stated… A man has to know his limits. Clip I found, kind of bombed in the line. A man has to know his limitations. I’m guessing it was Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, who it looked like in the clip. Limits Johnny Cash on [...]