The Tragedy of King Lear

The Tragedy of King Lear The Year of Lear | Lear front matter The Tragedy of King Lear The last podcast I listened to summed it up one way, I liked, “Sad, then maybe not so sad, but then, very sad. Or sadder, still.” The Tragedy of King Lear These late eclipses in the sun [...]

As You Like It

As You Like It Looking at the schedule, I was commenting that Shakespeare’s As You Like It was a series of quotes, loosely a story strung together with some plot. The original comment, looking at the schedule, ahead of time, “Look! As You Like, kind of a play without any plot, strung together with quotes. [...]

The Year of Lear

The Year of Lear The Year of Lear – James Shapiro Shakespeare is basically Quentin Tarantino with a thesaurus. Trevor Noah 06/13/2017 Bought as an afterthought, then I checked some Amazon reviews, wow, slaughtered. That LA Review of Books piece was quote laudatory, way I read it. The sages on amazon, at one point, were [...]

iPad 10.5

iPad 10.5 Interesting review. Points to the problem with “Fake News” and journalism in general. I tend to trust that site, pretty implicitly, as, over the years, the narrator has proven to be correct, time and again. But the site isn’t an outlet like that. Just one person’s voice, who, over the years, has proven [...]