Typesetting Should be filed with “word porn,” or some similar topic. Why the double space after a period is no longer a thing, seen here. More on my take of word porn, tools.

Songwriters and Tragedy

“Well, it’s bad news from Houston Half my friends are dying” via Townes van Zandt’s “White Freightliner” One buddy eternally referred to me as “Mr. Happy.” Whether it was blog posts or just my off-beat horoscopes, seemed like I was always “on,” and consequently, always seemed cheerful. Especially to him. The way I was remembering [...]

Coffee in Bed

Coffee in Bed Image is a motel in Houston, a red-headed Capricorn in the background. A single cup of coffee in bed. Post show morning, slow and political.

Can’t Make This Up

Can’t Make This Up The highway sign reads: Hurricane Season is here Be Prepared Yeah, most of Houston is what, maybe 18 inches above sea level? The other highway signage, it reads, “Austin (to the left) and Houston (to the right), highway 290.” Can’t Make This Up Hurricane Season is here. Be Prepared.

Texas and BBQ

The Golden Age of BBQ? A few weeks back, the estimable periodical, Texas Monthly, crowed about The Golden Age of BBQ. That’s nice. They listed best places for BBQ in Texas, and in the passing, I started to see a pattern. Should be “Best new places for BBQ,” Texas-style. My anecdotal, strictly verbal version of [...]

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