Mars Edit

Mars Edit MarsEdit – for WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. – Red Sweater Software If you have a Mac (Apple Macintosh Z-Fruit 6000 computer), then this might be the best desktop client as a front-end for interfacing with various blog-motors. Thus spake the authorities in the world online. Previously, ByWord. Previously, Ulysses Word Processor. Simple versus [...]

The Dubliners

The Dubliners The Dubliners – James Joyce Much as I hate lists, and the link-bait they offer, it was from a list of books Hemingway would recommend. Top three on the list, I’ve read. The Dubliners by James Joyce came in at 4 or so. Always go with the nebulous, “Joyce, right, yeah think I [...]

Ruffian Dick

Ruffian Dick Ruffian Dick – Joseph Kennedy & John Enright All about Sir Richard Burton — at least — look at how this stacks up… “…more than a century after his death, he is still considered the world’s greatest erotic anthropologist.” Page 13. What sold the book, from a list I subscribe to, for me, was [...]

Writer Wet Dream

Writer Wet Dream In downtown Port Angeles, there was an office supply/business machines store. The front window had this — to me — highly erotic and exotic display of typewriters, perhaps other tools, but mostly typewriters. The largest portion of displayed collection appeared to be Royal manual versions. Think there was one IBM Selectric, and [...]

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