Gascoyne Gascoyne – Stanley Crawford Finding this book, it was almost more fun than the first few pages. Walked into the Collected Works bookstore near the square in Santa Fe. Rolled around the store, and waited for something to catch my eye. When nothing did, I asked the nice person behind the counter — really [...]

The Rosetta Man

The Rosetta Man The Rosetta Man – Claire McCague Originally passed off to me as a text, “Like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” only, different. In first few pages, I got distinct feel it wasn’t the same genre as that English silliness. Love me my Brit Lit, as no one does absurdist better, but no, [...]

All about that frame of reference

All about that frame of reference Most Normal One True story. How I might be the most normal one in my family. All about those frame of reference points, you know? All about that frame of reference. With my date, one time, I was taking her to “Meet the family,” and I was busy telling [...]

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