Kramer Wetzel


Aquaman Saw it this other weekend, early morning show. Should’ve been a matinee price, but for some reason I’m not old enough for senior discount. There was some essence of the mostly green screen production, maybe all of it was movie studio green screen, but there was essence of old mythology. Mom, split by an [...]

No Sunscreen for the Dead

No Sunscreen for the Dead No Sunscreen for the Dead – Tim Dorsey As seen here, No Sunscreen for the Dead. No Sunscreen for the Dead With an anti-hero who seems to rattle on and on like the manic and disturbed person that he is, it’s still amazing how compact the prose can be. So [...]

Rethinking Design

Rethinking Design Recent article I glanced through online suggested some notion that timeless design doesn’t bow to current trends and tragedies thereof. As this weblog is totally bound by the terms, “Experimental and experiential,” with a little Latin tossed in for good measure, I hit upon a design that looked — pretty much — exactly [...]