Kramer Wetzel

By Train

By Train If you want to see tourist America, rent a Cadillac, get on Route 66 and stop off at a few cutesy diners and motels. If you want to see the real America in all its spectacular, crazy, kooky glory, get on the train. The only way to go, be my guess. Seen — [...]

Retail Catalog

In part — it’s just that time of year. In part — Mercury Retrograde time — I was thinking and reassessing design goals. Less about “design” and more about where — and how — I want my material to look. Retail Catalog Brief, Mercury Retrograde-inspired, reverie: two paper catalogs come to mind. One was from [...]


A recommendation cycled through the other afternoon. “Best (gender) followed by (ethnic minority) you’ll read.” Pause. Stop. Think. My sole criteria for judging a piece of literature, or any kind of art? Does it resonate? Happy, sad, feel something? Does the artist, the set–up about gender and race, that doesn’t apply.

Year in Review: 2016

Year in Review: 2016 Astrologically, with Saturn in Sagittarius, and me, being a November Sagittarius, it’s been one Saturn moment after another. Year in Review: 2016 Personally/professionally, I passed the three-year mark in residency as the alternate Tuesday reader at Nature’s Treasures in Austin. As an adjunct to that, it also marks my third trip [...]