Kramer Wetzel

Grits are Good For You

Grits are Good For You My own mother assures me that I was raised “Southern,” at last in part. As my now semi-annual “Plus One” trip, that explains the location, Charleston, SC. Shrimp and grits, talked about it before, I’m sure. The shrimp weren’t nothing special, but the grits and condiments were. Very special. This [...]

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Or, Amazon Prime and Downton Abbey. Binged on it all weekend. One of the Sisters had fronted me a set of DVDs, all five seasons, but it was just Easier, instead of digging around to find to a DVD player, think I’ve got a spare Blue Ray player someplace, I just flipped over [...]

Dating Questions

Dating Questions Started with, “When I make you breakfast in bed, a simple ‘thank-you’ would be nice. None of this, ‘who are you’ and ‘how did you get in’ questions.” Some non-recommended questions.

Labor Day News Item

Labor Day News Item No link, but we’re sure you’ve seen it. First item of note, there really is a place called Marble Falls, TX. Just up the road. Got clients located there. Good place, I think it’s called the “Bluebonnet Cafe,” good place to stop for regular coffee and pie. Also: a Starbucks, right [...]