Kramer Wetzel


Normal “Kramer! Quick – I need a hug.” Aries, know her from the rock shop in Austin, and that was in San Antonio. “You’re the most normal guy today.” #Bexar

Marshall Revisted

Marshall Revisted Previously noted, mine goes to 11, with an image here. Prompted by an item out of the retail feed, about a new “Portable Marshall” on sale, soon. Like this? Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Black After playing with one of those in the Apple Store, I had to have one. Only, I got [...]

At the Bookstore

At the Bookstore Recently, while wandering in and among the aisles of the last remaining big box bookstore, I happened across a section of “classics,” branded as such and published, looks like in-house, by the store’s parent. The layout of the books, trade paperback, suggested that the actual content, the text of the textbook, was [...]

Door Into Summer

Door Into Summer Two copies of the classic, The Door Into Summer… Weird to find two copies of the text in my library, but there it is. One with heightened emotional content, and one with obvious historical value to me. Finally, there’s a third copy, nowhere to be found, that was spare I picked up [...]

Role of Libraries

Role of Libraries So what is Role of Libraries in the digital age? I got lucky, growing up, there was one public library, I still recall the juvenile science fiction, a tiny corner, tucked away. Singular memory, floating free, the look of library-bound copies of books, the smell of a rose-oil librarian, and books. Dust. [...]