Kramer Wetzel

Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn I see symbols every day. Part of what I do. To me, the simple coaster looked like Jupiter and Saturn, depending on orientation— Jupiter Saturn Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. See Fineprint for Details!

Astrology and Relationships

“(Insert sign) prefers relationships that are a two way street.” It starts with the (insert sign) here part, and then goes downhill. Which is why science gives astrology a bad rap. And therein is the problem with some of this material, and what I earnestly strive to avoid. “All generalities are false.” Fishing Guide to [...]

Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee It’s about Philz Coffee. According to Sister? “Philz started in Silicone Valley, but I discovered it here, and they only do individual pour-over. “It’s obsessively roasted, and the individual cups are brewed right in front of you.” Interesting process to observe, and the final product is a delightful cup of coffee — lives [...]


Wholistic “New Age is now called “wholistic.” Makes perfect sense. Label changes; meaning stays the same. See Fineprint for Details …