Kramer Wetzel

Civilized Histories

Civilized Histories Presido, TX: couple of hours southeast of El Paso, and evidence of some of the earliest civilized settlements in North America. It is history — and geography — that defines the area, and speaks to my great love of the countryside. Up the roads few hundred miles to the north, is the namesake [...]

Shout Out SWA

Shout Out SWA Meanwhile, somewhere over Texas I’ve been commuting across the American SouthWest for more than a quarter of a century, and on SWA, after not-so-cheap seats on another — now defunct — airline. While I didn’t intend to, El Paso is a regular stop. Quickest, shortest frequently least expensive? SWA. This is the [...]

Mars Edit

Mars Edit MarsEdit – for WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. – Red Sweater Software If you have a Mac (Apple Macintosh Z-Fruit 6000 computer), then this might be the best desktop client as a front-end for interfacing with various blog-motors. Thus spake the authorities in the world online. Previously, ByWord. Previously, Ulysses Word Processor. Simple versus [...]

The Dubliners

The Dubliners The Dubliners – James Joyce Much as I hate lists, and the link-bait they offer, it was from a list of books Hemingway would recommend. Top three on the list, I’ve read. The Dubliners by James Joyce came in at 4 or so. Always go with the nebulous, “Joyce, right, yeah think I [...]

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