Saturn Glyph

Saturn Glyph

The other day, at the rock shop, I noticed a new trend. Capricorn. Capricorn this and Capricorn that.

Harmonic Convergence charts plus Saturn?

Not really a new trend, but observable phenomena — Saturn in Capricorn, plus the harmonic convergence people. They are parents, siblings, offspring, individual, groups, and various other affiliations.

The “Harmonic Convergence” put Sedona on the map, previously, it was a small mining town in Arizona. The kick-off was the infrequent, 265 year, alignment, cycle, of Uranus and Neptune. In those — my term — “Harmonic Convergence” charts, and showing up with great frequency, now that Saturn is firmly in Capricorn? Much ink was spilled, back then, about the meaning. Then it became a footnote, as many people began to forget. With more and more of these charts showing up for readings, it deserves a bit of background and clarity.

Neptune is about spirit, spirituality, and escapism. Two expressions of the same energy, equal and opposite, but more similar than one would like to admit.

Uranus is about radical change, being the planet that is sideways, essentially 90 degrees off from everything else in the solar system, so, yeah, “weird” just doesn’t do it justice.

Saturn was originally named for a titan, the parents of the gods themselves, and Saturn tends to represent “reality” in a chart. Real World Stuff, as simple as can be. Saturn is also the planet associated with Capricorn.

Neptune is currently in Pisces while Uranus is at the tail end of Aries, about to bump into Taurus in a few months, for a few months, and finally, Saturn is in Capricorn, the first time since 1989?


This is a tremendous amount of concentration in a particular sign, and what it evokes is a single image of “Karma is a bitch, man.”

Let’s be clear, karma is not a bitch — but it can sure feel like that at times.

While I’ve covered this, before, it can do with a little repetition, about Saturn’s symbol, the scythe of Chronos, and then, how that shows up — even in some more modern clip-art. In one collection of bit-mapped images, I had a New Years image that was a baby with banner, put in your own year, and the baby followed an old man in robes, bald pate, with a long sickle in his hand. All of that imagery derives from the Greek myths, that were Romanized.

Confused? Saturn — and Capricorn — tend to focus on Real World Stuff — brings our attention to matters immediately at hand.

The scythe or the sickle, whatever that was called? It was used for harvesting. I’ve also seen one used to cut down tall weeds, functions a lot like a weed-whacker. By transit, think in motion, Saturn shows what needs to be eliminated, then, that what doesn’t belong, and we refuse to give up, that gets ripped from our grip. Saturn can be gentle, if we heed the message, as Saturn points to material that is no longer of use to us.

Failing to heed Saturn’s ministrations? Yeah, from personal experience, Saturn tends to win, one way or another.

“Saturn as a cosmic weed-whacker.”


Saturn, and especially those charts 1989-1993? Plus or minus? Those are the charts I’m seeing a lot of, even now. It’s the first Saturn Return, exacerbated by Saturn’s reputation of being a difficult task-master, which he is, for the rest of us.

I’m Sagittarius. Saturn fried his way along all my Sagittarius placements for the previous three years. I know of what I speak.

But Saturn isn’t always bad, per se, just illuminates what needs attention.

The Harmonic Convergence grouping is different because — in natal charts —that subset of the millennial generation already has Neptune/Uranus in Capricorn, with more than half of them with Saturn part of the grouping. Work in Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus? Layer all of those planets with a thin patina of Capricorn flavor: Duty? Honor? Sense of destiny? Or that nasty Karma-essence?

What I hear is that the natal Capricorn material, whatever it is, that material in charts is starting to suit up and show up, some minor complaints, but that sense, “If it has to be done, then — I guess — it’s up to me.”

Capricorn Final Thoughts

When Saturn entered Sagittarius, I was in the throws of sorting out some belief systems. One them suggested that every Chinese New Year, it was best to change out one’s wallet — increases income, spreads good wealth, insert lame platitudes here. I did try it, and what I wound up with was a sailcloth wallet, kind of clear, or translucent, in shade. There’s a little post-it note, visible to me, every time I pull out my wallet, in my (horrible) handwriting, a simple note. A reminder.

”If it is meant to be, it is up to me.”

Capricorn, according to myth and lore, is concerned with commerce, the flow of cash. That subtle reminder, every time I took out my wallet, just a way to make sure I understand my responsibilities, and while Saturn was in Sagittarius?

”If it is meant to be, it is up to me.”

Maybe the Beatles got it right about needing a little help from our friends, but for that Capricorn contingent, currently showing up? If it is meant to be, if it must be done, wait, got another Shakespeare quote, “If it were done, t’were done quickly.” (From porous memory, don’t hold me accountable — I’m not Capricorn.)

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  • Camera: iPhone 7
  • Focal length: 3.99mm
  • ISO: 40
  • Location: 29° 35′ 47.31″ N 98° 28′ 13.27″ W
  • Shutter speed: 1/15s

About the author: Born and raised in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel, settled in a South Austin trailer park before trailer parks were cool. He now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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