Eclipse Patterns

Eclipse Patterns

The Great American Eclipse will occur on August 21, 2017, cutting a path of totality on a line from the Oregon coast to the edge of South Carolina.

Eclipses occur in roughly 18-month patterns, and the tendencies emerge as inflicted by the signs — and their temperaments. This Great American Eclipse is of particular interest because it falls in giant swath across the heartland of the United States.

Typical Astrology Questions from Ask the Astrologer, should be a series, alas, it’s not.

The Great American Eclipse is part of cyclical energies along a Leo and Aquarius axis. Leo is fixed fire and Aquarius is fixed air. Operant phrase, the take-away? Fixed. Fixed elements are more stubborn, tenacious, able to maintain longer, harder, better. More opposed to change not of their own making. The Fixed Signs? Taurus, The Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Why bother with listing the fixed signs?

Crisis Teaches What Really Matters

Eclipse Patterns

The pattern is about shaking up and then resettling the previously shaken material, in a way that works better for what is present.

Better use of available resources.

The persistent problem as this unfolds — ain’t our first rodeo — is fear. Fear, drama, and unrepentant compulsive over-thinking.

Watch, especially the fixed material in a chart, as that — whatever ghost-like, wraith-like, Sasquatch is? Whatever that is starts a process that leaves the thinker wrapped in fear about some situation out-of-control.

The aforementioned Fixed Signs are nothing if not tenacious. The trick is to hammer on a problem that can be solved in real-time, rather than allowing the eclipse energies to spin this into the hypothetical arena of “What if.”

Eclipse Patterns

The very stubborn energy is easily misdirected by these eclipse patterns. That's the secret, can’t get carried away in the wrong direction.

I can fix it! Just get me a bigger hammer!

More violence and more panic isn’t always the best answer. Sure, they have a place, but maybe not part of this cycle.

Then again, to quote Mark Twain, “When angry, count four. When very angry, swear.”

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