Est Est

Est Est

Tried for a Latin joke, and that didn’t work, but that was the original kick-off.

As the kids say, “It is what it is.”


Short for “Established.”

So my writing as an astrologer, the first horoscopes were drafted in 1987. Brief, tabloid run. The monthly was regular — and in regular electronic distribution — on a nascent web in 1993, going weekly in July 1995, with a web-exclusive publication time of Sunday nights/Monday mornings.

We did it “by hand” back in the old days.

Timing wasn’t a sure thing.

So looking at the image for Frank’s sign, Est. 1929 gave me pause.

What would be the correct “Est.” date? 1987? 1993? Its own URL, in 1998? The moniker itself, “Fishing Guide to the Stars” has been in professional use since 1991, or thereabouts.

Est Est

So what would be the established date? If I’m completely honest, I didn’t exactly have a destination when I set out; I have stumbled forward, guided by fate, faith, blind luck, and sheer lack of will power.

Greetings from Austin

Greetings from Austin

So what would be the best “Est.” date? 1987? 1995? 1998?

Currently, I like Est. 1993, Austin. Texas.

In Austin — this weekend.

Kramer Wetzel

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